How to Remove Labels Fr Empty Prescription Bottles





Introduction: How to Remove Labels Fr Empty Prescription Bottles

Step 1: Fill Bottle With Hot Water

Remove cap from prescription bottle and fill bottle with hot water.

Step 2: Allow Bottle to Sit for Two Minutes

Replace cap on bottle filled with hot water and allow bottle to sit for two minutes.

Step 3: Peel Label Off of Bottle

Gently peel label off of bottle filled with hot water.

Step 4: Pour Water Out of Bottle and Allow to Dry

Pour water out of bottle and turn upside down on towel to drain. Dispose of label properly. Bottle is ready for reuse or recycling.



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    Painless and effective. I used water from my tea kettle hot enough to make tea.

    Go ahead, try it, it won't help! Yes label comes off but the sticky adhesive it was held on with will stay on the bottle. I have not been able to find a solvent that will remove the adhesive. Anyone know how to do this?

    Absolutely! Rubbing alcohol/...use enough so the area is good and covered then scrape with either your nails or a plastic scraper or razor blade...

    I partially fill the bottle with water and heat it in the microwave. Both paper and plastic labels peel right off. The residue remains, but I don't care since I only want the label off before I toss the bottles in the recycling.

    Put WD 40 on the label. Let it soak for a minute or two then peel. Label and adhesive come off and leave a clean bottle.

    Huh. I may have to try this. I'm collecting prescription bottles and trying to figure out what to do with them.

    The Malawi Project is always looking for prescription bill bottles, as another option.

    From the Malawi Project website:UPDATE – DECEMBER 20, 2015 – AFTER REACHING MORE THAN 1 MILLION PILL CONTAINERS THIS PARTICULAR PROGRAM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. The Malawi Project Board of Directors has turned its attention to (1) famine relief, (2) getting medical supplies, including 30 kidney dialysis machines, to Malawi as well as another shipment of over 500 wheelchairs and, (3) gaining the funds from contributors to build a new birthing center south of the capital city of Lilongwe. Thank you for your support of the pill container program and please continue with us on future projects.

    The Malawi Project is always looking for prescription bill bottles, as another option.

    Slightly warm the bottle with a hair dryer. Label peels right of.