Step 2: Scuff the Label With Sandpaper

You want to create a path for the lighter fluid to get to the adhesive underneath the label so it can dissolve it. Some labels are porous and the fluid will soak through. Drop some onto it to see if it does. If it doesn't soak it up, do the following:

Use your piece of sandpaper and CAREFULLY scuff the label without getting too close to the outer edge of the label (you risk scratching what's underneath the label if you do and it's usually not necessary as the fluid will seep underneath the label perimeter from the outside edge). Also be careful not to scratch too deep and tear right through the label, you're only trying to break through the nonporous layer enough for the fluid to seep through.
I buy and sell technical books and like to get the sticky labels off easily. I'll give this a try. Thank you.
I use a hair dryer to remove stickers. Especially for gifts...discount books, things from Marshall's, Kohl's, etc. great brand name gift at cheap prices! And those "Santa" gifts. Elves don't put price tags on 'em! Use the dryer on warm or hot and point it directly at the sticker (keep moving it back & forth) and the glue melts just enough to peel the ugly "Sale!" Sticker away. Usually doesn't leave residue.
I use a bit of alcohol (the one used in wounds) to remove labels and stickers (by rubbing them). It's a much faster solution.
I've had less luck with isopropyl alcohol (99%) in the past. I find it evaporates too quickly and therefore doesn't break down the adhesive as effectively as the lighter fluid. What I like about the lighter fluid is it usually does most of the work for me by dissolving the adhesive into a "goo" that can be wiped away. The only rubbing or scraping needed is to remove any "goo" smears.
While on the topic of isopropyl alcohol, I find it can be used effectively to remove permanent marker and ballpoint pen ink stains from most surfaces.
Now I can get ride of the labels that always seem to cover the instructions on some box's and containers. Also I too object to them on books. <br> <br>Well done
Had no idea you could use it this way - awesome. :D

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