Step 7: Tips to Remove a Stuck Chuck Screw

Chuck screws can be very difficult to unscrew every now and then. This usually happens when manufacturers use too much loctite to affix it to the drill's arbor shaft.

Follow the professional repair tips below for to remove a stuck chuck screw.

Tip #1- Heat the arbor shaft.

Use a blowtorch on the arbor shaft to loosen up the loctite on the chuck screw. This is the best way to loosen the screw in most cases.

Heat the Arbor Shaft with a BlowtorchArbor

Really tough chuck screws may require more than one heating.


Tip #2- Use a wrench for leverage.

If the screwdriver you're using to turn the chuck screw has a square shaft, you can attach a small wrench to it for some extra leverage.

Use a Wrench for Leverage


Tip #3- Strike the chuck screw with a screwdriver and hammer.

Carefully position your screwdriver on the chuck screw and gently strike its end with a hammer to loosen the screw's loctite bond.

This should be considered a last-resort method since it risks destroying the chuck if done incorrectly.


To get started with your home tool repair, visit our Drill Parts page to find your drill model's replacement drill chuck.

We're dedicated here at eReplacementParts.com to get tool owners the parts and know-how they need that will save them time and money. 

Visit us again for professional tips that will get you past the snags in your own repairs!

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