How To Remove the Rear Seats from a Toyota Prius V

Picture of How To Remove the Rear Seats from a Toyota Prius V
The rear seats in the 2012 Toyota Prius V slide, recline, fold flat, and, if you're willing to take a socket set to your car, are easily removed.  Taking out one or both seats really increases the cargo space.  I cut one of the plastic covers to make it even easier to remove the seats.    
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Step 1: Remove plastic covers

Picture of Remove plastic covers
Remove the four plastic covers at the ends of the seat rails.  Three of the four come off easily; the fourth runs almost the entire width of the door, covers some wires, and has a few plastic things and connectors.  After removing this larger cover once, I opted to cut it.  

Step 2: Unscrew bolts and remove seat

Picture of Unscrew bolts and remove seat
Unscrew the bolts and remove the seat.  Look at all that extra cargo space!

Step 3: Cut cover

Picture of Cut cover
I anticipate removing the seats more often than I want to remove the large plastic cover.  So, I cut a hole in the cover with a Dremel.  
aelfwyne8 months ago

We're considering buying a Prius V and the ability to remove the rear seats is something we're having to think about.

When you remove these, are there any wires or sensors that are affected? I was worried that it would affect rear airbag sensors or something.

shalomo1 year ago
Well that's handy! I have the same model Prius, and didn't realize that it was so easy to remove the back seats. Thinking of all kinds of ideas for what to do with that extra space. Thanks for posting!
leeski3 years ago
how do you like the new Prius V? I was really hoping that they would also have come out with the 7 seater like they did in Japan...
Robot Lover3 years ago
Lookin' good! It's good to see you're still making instructables! :)
xrobevansx3 years ago
Love my V....Great instructable