How to Remove the Rear Seats From a Toyota Prius V





Introduction: How to Remove the Rear Seats From a Toyota Prius V

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The rear seats in the 2012 Toyota Prius V slide, recline, fold flat, and, if you're willing to take a socket set to your car, are easily removed.  Taking out one or both seats really increases the cargo space.  I cut one of the plastic covers to make it even easier to remove the seats.    

Step 1: Remove Plastic Covers

Remove the four plastic covers at the ends of the seat rails.  Three of the four come off easily; the fourth runs almost the entire width of the door, covers some wires, and has a few plastic things and connectors.  After removing this larger cover once, I opted to cut it.  

Step 2: Unscrew Bolts and Remove Seat

Unscrew the bolts and remove the seat.  Look at all that extra cargo space!

Step 3: Cut Cover

I anticipate removing the seats more often than I want to remove the large plastic cover.  So, I cut a hole in the cover with a Dremel.  



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    We're considering buying a Prius V and the ability to remove the rear seats is something we're having to think about.

    When you remove these, are there any wires or sensors that are affected? I was worried that it would affect rear airbag sensors or something.

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    I removed the front seat in my gen 2 prius the red airbag light is on since the seat was unplugged and removed. My plan was to put the seat back when the car had to be inspected but last year we had a flood and I threw the soaked seat away. I was not putting that nasty thing in my car. If you do this save the seat so you can put it back in later for inspection some states want ALL FACTORY components in the ride.

    Good to check those things. Front passenger seats definitely have connections underneath and it is very hard to trick the car electronics into thinking the seat is still there. It maybe as little as a light that never goes off and folks cover it with tape.

    Sienna is said to have 150 square ft in the van with all rear seating remove. I wanted to know what is the Prius V space with rear seats removed? With seats folded down it is said to be just over 67 square ft but I bet it is a lot more than that with them seats out. I have a gen 2 passenger seat gone and the console gone the 60% out the back too I got some milk crates a crib frame and mattress and I put them in with some crutches for support long way underneath and some angle iron from a scrap bed frame to go across shoulders and near the foot. If you think about it you need a quality mattress only for your shoulders and your hip you got your torso covered the rest is pillows and it makes for the best nights sleep. I am 350 lbs 6 ft tall had major back surgery and I sleep very well in my car thanks to the mods. Prius is about the only car you can truly afford to run the climate control all night to get a good nights rest. Hot or cold I am where I need to be. I have a video on YT Geaux Prius Cowboy.

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    The Sienna or Odyssey have 150 ft3 with seats down. Without the seats, much more, And to really increase space, one can remove some or all the trim. google "sound deadening Sienna" They remove everything to install sound mats. Quite interesting to see on completely empty, Much less weight too

    The euro version of the '' V " is avalaible with a third row seating area . Just wonder if the battery or electronic grey box are in the same place . Would like to remove all rear seat too . But would like to get a flat floor and lowering the rear floor portion ( the one behind the rear seat ) . Would like to put all the electronics in front of the big step ( in the rear foot floor pan area ) and put a flat floor board to egalize all the cargo area . I just like to camping in my car without the fuel cost of a minivan . The spare tire would go verticaly parrallel of one of the rear trunk side , or i'm going with a '' no spare tire kit '' just like the Honda Fit .

    Well that's handy! I have the same model Prius, and didn't realize that it was so easy to remove the back seats. Thinking of all kinds of ideas for what to do with that extra space. Thanks for posting!

    how do you like the new Prius V? I was really hoping that they would also have come out with the 7 seater like they did in Japan...

    Lookin' good! It's good to see you're still making instructables! :)

    Love my V....Great instructable