I had this leather biker jacket for years that I love it more then any other article of clothing I will ever own. It was one of the first presents given to me by my husband. Over the years, the lining and pockets began to deteriorate and was in need of repair. I thought about taking it to a tailor, but the thought of how much it would cost made me think it wouldn't be possible. So I figured why not try and do it myself!? If I screwed it up, then I would suck it up and send it off.

I had all the materials on hand except  the shoe polish. So cost was next to nothing.

Please keep in mind, all sewing was done by hand, as I do not own a sewing machine.

This is the first time I have taken on such a huge sewing project. And this took me 3 months. I wasn't confident I could do it, but when I tore the jacket open and noticed the horrible stitching job the first time around, I figured I couldn't do any worse.

This is also my first time posting here. Any comments and suggested ideas welcomed. I'm not sure I have the pictures in the right order, the computer was giving me a hard time. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is something more I can add to help explain this process more.

Step 1: Demolition Process

First thing first, you need to remove all traces of cloth off the leather. This will also included pockets in this case since those went to hell too.  Make sure you save leather flaps attached to the pockets. I suggest using a pair of small scissors (manicure size) to cut into the stitching and to pull out old thread.

Due to the age of the jacket, you can see where there was insulation that rotted away though time. (All that orange powder like stuff). I had to vacuum and brush most of it away. Not to mention, all of the dirt and years of receipts that became trapped within the jacket over time due to holes. 


<p>Its just getting broken in after 20 some years. It gives it character. </p>
Thank you and good luck!
<p>This is Instructables Jack. Thanks for the info. My girlfriend has a Leather jacket that needs a new lining. Its seen better days but her Parents gave it to her on her 18th. We will try. :)</p>
<p>nice tip... but if your jacket is old then you should buy a new one.</p><p>http://www.leatherstrend.com/</p>
guess you missed the beginning where I mentioned it's sentimental value to me.
I need help i have a white a leather jacket hundred percent leather
i could take a look at and see what i can do
Very nice I have the same jacket with a worn out liner that I need to fix
Thanks, good luck with yours, I hope this helps :)
It's a classic ;)
My motorbike jacket looks just like this and it's my favourite!

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