Picture of How To Repair And Remake A Paper Airplane
To many, paper airplanes are aircraft which will fly no more than a handful of times. This is environmentally unfriendly if these people use or intend to use paper airplanes regularly. To fix this issue, I have investigated solutions to this waste for several weeks and have concluded on various measures to extend the longevity of a paper airplane.

To demonstrate the measures I have uncovered, I will use several aged Hammerhead paper airplanes to demonstrate various features that increase the abilities of aged airframes. The benefits of these features are not limited to the Hammerhead, but it is more versatile and able to have these add-ons applied with ease than several other aircraft. The add-ons are independent of one another, but incurring all 5 can be favorable for certain requirements.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Aged Paper Airplane Airframe (Hammerhead airframes pictured)

wat.4 years ago
Great re-doing the F65-1 Hammerhead, this instrutable will meet the economical criteria.