Picture of How To Repair
Depron foam profile aircraft have recently become my new obsession.  They're easy to build, parts and pieces are relatively cheap to buy and they're a blast to fly.  It all started when I stumbled upon one man's designs (http://rc.tomhe.net) and I've been on a roll ever since.  I have built and flown several larger (full size and full+) of these planes and they rip through the sky.   They really do look great rolling across the sky and never fail to attract a crowd.

As great as the large ones are to fly I've been on the lookout for one I could throw around my backyard.  Reading through the threads of my favorite build (http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=723890) I came across the Mini-F22 and away I went.  Another great build that went together quickly, flew great and gave me tons of fun.  Until.......

All foamies have a single Achilles heal.  They are, well....  they are.....built with foam.  I was flying my Mini-F22 around a local ball field when I came out of a diving turn at full speed and didn't pull up (or couldn't - I'm still claiming that I couldn't but it's a loosing battle) and BAHM!  Nose first into the turf.  If this was a complicated kit build I'd be in tears.  However, being a foamie, I simply picked up the pieces and headed back home.

As you can see in the picture, the nose took the most damage (total loss) and there were lesser amounts of damage in other areas.  From what I've seen most damage on these foamies is from the nose backwards.  Again, not as bad as it may look.  Foamies are resilient.  Heck, I've even seen them fly WITHOUT a nose.  But I digress, they can withstand a lot and even if they do break they're really easy to fix, which is why we're hear after all...
dchall83 years ago

Thank you for bringing your new obsession to the next level - writing about it.  This is one of those Instructables you don't see coming.  You can't just skim over this one.  You have to read every word to find all the Easter eggs packed in.  Thanks again!!