Step 6: Good As New!!

No, really!  It flies just like new.  The splices are tight, everything is solid and the C/G is pretty much where it was before.  The one thing I didn't do for this repair is weigh it before and after.  Since I didn't have the weight after it was build and I was missing pieces after the crash weighing it after the repairs would prove nothing.

It's really that easy!  If you can build a foamie you can fix a foamie and as long as the plane isn't totaled it's usually easier and faster to fix it than to build one from scratch.

Although mine isn't painted (yet) this would be the point where I'd pull out my airbrush and match up the paint scheme but that's another story..

Remember, if you can't open it you don't own it and if you can't fix it it's not broken - good luck!
WOW!<br> <br> Thank you for bringing your new obsession to the next level - writing about it.&nbsp; This is one of those Instructables you don't see coming.&nbsp; You can't just skim over this one.&nbsp; You have to read every word to find all the Easter eggs packed in.&nbsp; Thanks again!!

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