How to Replace a Shoelace


Introduction: How to Replace a Shoelace

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Step 1: Shoelace

First remove the shoelace

Step 2: Tying It In

Tying it in can be a little confusing.

Step 3: First

Put the string in the hole and make it as even as possible

Step 4: Second

Start weaving the lace through the eyes and loops.
But every shoe is different.

Step 5: Finished Shoe

This is how it should look.
This is my 3rd instructable so please like and leave comments. Enjoy : ) ^U^



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    Not a bad start! For these it is helpful to use the annotations in the picture. While you are editing, click on the picture to put in a new annotation. It helps us know what is going on in the picture or gives us details we might not notice.