After years of use, bathroom sink drains can rust.  It is an inexpensive and simple task to replace them.
<p>Thanks, that helps me.</p>
<p>Good video, I am planning on trying this soon and was wondering if it<br> can be done without removing the P Trap as mine is glued. See images <br>provide of my setup, mine does not have a popper so that is less work <br>for me :) Thanks for any info or tips.Paul</p>
<p>Yes, it looks like the very top of the p-trap has a nut that you can loosen. You then unscrew the nut directly under the sink and the drain should come up and out of the p-trap. All the replacement drains I have seen at the hardware store have poppers, so you may have to drill a hole for the popper push rod.</p>
Nice clean video instructable.

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