How to Replace a Shotgun Stock




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Introduction: How to Replace a Shotgun Stock

I was recently given my grandfather's gun, and this is how I repaired it.  I also include a short section of how guns work.



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    Yes. You can even buy shotgun pistol grips on Amazon. My gun is so old, they don't sell anything for it. The main thing that is not legal about shotguns is a barrel under 18 inches, which this is not.

    i am currently starting to replace the stock and fore end of my 30-30 with black walnut, so this is obviously helpful, also ingenious way to round out where the stock meets metal, was really having trouble with that

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    A Deep well socket wrapped in sand paper makes a good barrel channel tool.

    Hows the recoil now? I personally would rather properly repair a vintage gun like this, Would have been about the same amount of work, and would not

    sprain your wrist

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    I have not taken it back out to the range yet, but I would guess the recoil will be similar to my buddy's Mossberg 500. I agree, had I wanted another shoulder stock, it would have been about the same amount of work, but I did not want that. To each his own. I do strength training, so am not worried about my wrist. I am saving the old stock, in case I ever want to restore it to original condition.

    I have shot a pistol grip shotgun once, Never again. Looks like a Beautiful gun, I just watched on midwayusa how to repair a broken stock like your old one, I like old guns to be original condition.