Simple vacuum repairs can be performed at home, and knowing how to change a vacuum belt is a great way for any vacuum owner to save time and money at the shop.

Because vacuum belts are made to stretch, wear out, and eventually break, every vacuum owner can save time and money by knowing the basics about vacuum belt replacement.

Luckily, changing a vacuum belt is a very simple repair on most vacuum cleaners. Vacuum owners should never have to take their machine to a shop just for a belt replacement.

The first step in this (and any) part replacement is to accurately order the needed part for the repair.

For more information about the different kinds of vacuum belts available on the market and how to accurately order the correct belt for your vacuum, please read our "Vacuum Belt Buying Guide" article.

Step 1: Access the Vacuum Belt and Brushroll Area

  • Vacuum Belt Replacement Steps

Each specific vacuum style and model is different, so belt replacement steps can differ a little from one to the next. Despite these differences, all vacuum belt replacements share similar qualities.

This article's instructions are generalized so that they can help do-it-yourself vacuum owners with their belt change repairs, regardless of the vacuum type or model.

We use a common upright style vacuum for our belt replacement demonstration, The Hoover U5458-900 WindTunnel Supreme.

This repair can take less than five minutes on most vacuums, especially once an owner is familiar with their model.


1. Access the vacuum belt and brushroll area.

Vacuum belts work to spin a vacuum's brush roller and/or, on some self-propelled models, to turn a vacuum's wheels.

Unscrew Bottom Plate Screws

Whatever the style of vacuum, this repair will take placein the machine's brushroll area.

For most vacuum cleaners, opening the brushroll area just means removing a bottom plate on the cleaner, one similar to the Hoover WindTunnel pictured below.

In the case of our demonstration model, removing the bottom plate only involves unscrewing four Phillips screws.

<p><em>That </em>was easy.</p>
<p>A great tutorial. Lots of people don't know that this is a replaceable part on most vacuum cleaners. An inexpensive part for most as well.</p>
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Its a little different to change the belt on an Electrolux. See the link below: <br><br>http://blog.evacuumstore.com/post/2010/03/23/How-to-change-the-belt-on-an-electrolux-L-shaped-power-nozzle.aspx

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