Replace your vacuum's power cord with these simple repair steps, a smart way for vacuum owners to save time and money at the repair shop.

Vacuum power cords can start to look like ominous fire hazards over time or a few accidental passes of the brush roller, and many vacuum owners may have asked themselves, "How do I replace a vacuum power cord?!"

Fixing a broken or damaged vacuum power cord is another common vacuum repair that do-it-yourself-ers can easily handle at home.

Home repairs on vacuums, tools, outdoor equipment, and other appliances can save you a truckload of money at the repair shop, and anyone can take on simple repairs like this one.

We explain the general steps for how to replace a vacuum power cord below. Wire connection styles and disassembly steps may vary from vacuum model to vacuum model, but the basic procedure remains the same for all types of vacuums.

The disassembly involved in this repair may take a little time, but getting it done at a fraction of the cost is well-worth the investment.

Depending on the vacuum model, this repair can take between 10 and 30 minutes to complete.


Remove the Old Vacuum Power Cord

Power cord replacement is a basic repair for all sorts of machines and tools, and removing the old cord is always the first step.

We use the The Hoover U5458-900 WindTunnel Supreme as our demonstration model in this repair. We offer both general repair steps and steps specific to the demonstration model. 

Step 1: Access the Motor Wires on the Vacuum

Power cord wires attach to the vacuum's motor in the interior of the machine.

Because the wires must be unattached from the motor in order for the cord to come out, accessing the vacuum's motor is the first step toward cord removal.

Accessing a vacuum motor always involves some disassembly. How much disassembly will be determined by the vacuum design being repaired.

Inspect your vacuum's power cord fasteners, housings, and other fasteners to determine what will have to come off to access the motor.

For vacuums that use agitator brush systems, the cleaner's brush roller and belt must always be removed in order to free up the motor.


On the Hoover U5458-900 WindTunnel:

  • Remove the bottom plate. Four screws hold it into position.

Remove Vacuum Bottom Plate

  • Pull the brushroll and agitator belt out of the vacuum.

Remove Brush Roller and Belt

  • The filter housing must be removed on this model because it gets in the way of the motor housing. Unscrew the two filter housing screws and pull the housing off of the vacuum.

Remove Filter Housing Screws

  • Lay the vacuum down and remove all the fasteners holding the motor housing.

Remove Vacuum Motor Housing Screws

  • Finally, there are two boots on the U5458-900 that hold the handle portion of the cleaner to the motor portion. Unscrew the two fasteners on each boot to remove them.

Remove Motor Housing Fasteners

  • After completing the disassembly steps above, the motor housing will be free from the vacuum. Remember that the housing will still be connected to the motor by some of the wires, so be careful not to just yank the housing off the motor.

Instead, gently pull the housing up and roll it to one side in order to expose the power cord wires underneath.

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