Introduction: How to Repurpose an Old Outdoor Fountain

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Step 1: What You Will Need:

1. Old outdoor fountain
2. Three different types of flowers
3. Potting soil

Step 2: First:

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First you will need to take your potting soil and fill the fountain. In the case of the fountain that I used I put potting soil in each section.

Step 3: Second:

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After you put the potting soil in you will need to put your flowers in. Take one of the three types of flowers and arrange them how you would like them. In my arrangement I placed one type in the top rows to add color.

Step 4: Third:

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Now you will take your second type of flowers and place them in the fountain anyway you would like. I have my second type at the bottom as a break before the flowers in the ground.

Step 5: Fifth:

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Finally, take your last type of flower and place them in the fountain. When you are finished step back and look at your masterpiece! Make sure to water your flowers daily and to make sure they get enough sun so they stay healthy and vibrant for a long time.


audreyobscura (author)2014-05-20

This came out so well! Nice job with your build - thanks for sharing it on instructables. What do you think you are going to publish next?

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