Picture of How To Rescue A Wet Phone
In this tutorial, I will tell you and show you how to save your iphone from the depths of the deep, whether it be a pool, the sink, the ocean, or some other water reservoir, this should help. If you find that you can't save your phone, I'm sorry for your loss. About a month ago, I dropped my iPhone, well I fell into the pool with my iPhone, but thats pretty much the same thing. Anyway, when this happened, I figured,"Oh, why don't I just set it on the table and let it dry off, it should turn out fine!". Don't do that! Whatever you do, don't do that! I let it set, and two days later I found myself looking up ideas for phone replacements. When I went online to find out what to do if this happened, I couldn't find anything that was particularly helpful, but then i realized that each article or blog told to do something, but left out other things. Even the other instructables didn't do the best job explaining it. This brings them all together, plus some tips I learned, all to help you and your phone make it through the tough moments after you drop it in water or any liquid. This technique should work for all phones and not just the iPhone, even though the phone that I dropped in water was an iPhone, and the pictures I'm using are of an iPhone.

Disclaimer:  I do not guarantee that your phone can be saved. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Step 1: Turn Off Your Phone

Picture of Turn Off Your Phone
Yes, I know it sounds silly and basic, but this is the very first thing you want to do before anything else. If you decide, oh, my phone will be fine if i leave it on, don't come crying to me about how your life is ruined because you can't text or call anyone. Turning off your phone stops the battery from frying the phone, and prevents the phone from trying to restart over and over again.
adriana16162 years ago
When drying in rice, the iphone has to be ensambled?
tgascho (author)  adriana16162 years ago
The phone does not have to be assembled, because the rice works either way, so its your choice.
Living on the coast & being in the electronics industry, I would not recommend this method for salt water emersions. Drying out the water only concentrates the salts causing more short circuits & corrosion.Only thing to do is try flushing the phone with distilled water before it drys out (after removing battery & SIM). Then you can try drying it out this way. Great idea for fresh water though !!
Excellent point. I have seen phones that would short out on a humid or rainy day simply because the salts on the board only needed the moisture in the air to become conductive. Plus this will also corrode the board.
If you have the phone disassembled to the point of disconnecting the battery (in the case of non-user-removable battery packs like the iPhone, iPod, etc) I recommend you rinse the board with distilled water and then bathe it in alcohol before setting it aside to dry. since you have the board removed at this point, there's no reason to use the rice method for absorbing the moisture. For phones that have easily accessible and removable battery packs, I would recommend your method.