Here is how we brought some life back to an old dresser...

Step 1: Find a Cool Dresser

My wife's grandparents gave us a really cool old dresser that has been in the family since the 1930's.

However this dresser was looking pretty rough after spending years in storage.
<p>Great instructable! Got an old 60's dresser dresser that used to be in the barracks of a military installation. Gave it some new life! The contrast of wood to white is amazing! Thanks for such a great idea! See the before and after images!</p>
Beautiful. Inspiring to see that patience &amp; hard work pays off very nicely.
Awesome project! What kind of sander did you use?
<p>Great work!</p>
Gorgeous work...love the colors!
Thanks guys, yes we kept the original label, just wish it was in tact.
<p>Very nice work. I like the contrast between painted and stained wood. You guys will enjoy that for the rest of your lives. </p><p>Were you able to keep that original label? That's a neat thing to keep on there even if it's not in perfect shape.</p>

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