How To Restore/Customize Your KitchenAid Paddle and Dough Hook

Picture of How To Restore/Customize Your KitchenAid Paddle and Dough Hook
Well if you are anything like me your KitchenAid stand mixer is going strong but the coating on the aluminum paddle and dough hook is long gone.  I was tired of getting grey aluminum oxide streaks in my cookies, so I decided to do something about it.  I would put a fresh powder coating on them.
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Step 1: Tools/Needs

Picture of Tools/Needs
To be fixed
  • Sad Oxidized Aluminum Paddle Or Dough HooK
Tools needed
  • Sandblasting cabinet
  • Oven
  • Powder Coating Gun With Power Supply
  • Powder Coating Powder (in any color of your choosing)
  • Sink
  • Wire Hooks
  • Gloves (for getting things in and out of the oven)
  • Well Ventilated paint Cabinet

I was doing this at the Techshop in S.F. and they had all the tools I needed.

Step 2: Set The Uber Oven

Picture of Set The Uber Oven
Look at your powder as different colors need different temperatures.  My powder recommends 400°F(204.44C).  Since the oven is going to take quite awhile to get up to temperature.  The first thing to do is fire the oven up.  I set it to 425°F(218.33°C).  I set it to higher than the recommended temperature to account for some of the temperature loss that will happen when opening the oven to place everything in.

Step 3: Cleaning

Picture of Cleaning
Now that the oven is heating up.  It is time for a deep clean.  To start I used the sand blaster to clean all the oxidation off the dough hook/paddle*.  It made a world of difference (Take a look at before and after picture).  From the sandblaster it was time to rinse the parts off in the sink.  Once the dough hook/paddle are washed it is important not to touch them with your hands because the oils from your fingers will show though on the final finish.   So while you are washing insert the wire hooks though the top where the connect the dough hook/paddle to your mixer**.  Then touching just the wire hooks transfer them into the oven to dry.

*I could not get any pictures though the scratched up protective film sorry.
**See tag in picture four.

Thanks for the great tutorial! I want to make my accessories yellow, but do not have a way of powder coating it as you have. Do you think epoxy paint would work? Thanks again!

Jayefuu1 year ago

They look great! You should offer this as a service :)

TinkeringProductions (author)  Jayefuu1 year ago
Thanks. I'll have to think about that. :)

Yeah, the red and gunmetal is a fantastic color combination!

roballoba1 year ago
I thought that blaster and oven looked familiar. Your Mixer parts look great! I have a red mixer - that red would look good in my bowl too! How are they holding up?

The paddle(which gets the most use) is holding up pretty well I am starting to get some fading near the edges where the factory powder coat went first. So I will probably have to do a new coat soon. The dough hook sees a lot less action and still looks like it did in the picture.
mary.parry2 years ago
They look great unfortunately I don't have access to all the specialized equipment
kathynv2 years ago
Those look great, and the red color means that if some of the powder coat comes off, you'll see it in your food before it gets eaten. Thanks!
ringai2 years ago
Is powerdercoating food safe? Just wondering. The coating job looks beautiful.
TinkeringProductions (author)  ringai2 years ago
Good question. I did a lot of searching and thinking about this topic. There are FDA approved of powders. There is a form with on a powder coating website about the FDA approved powder being overkill for anything but industrial food production.
I figured since the paddle and hook were originally silver powder coated by the manufacturer the I was good to go.
Nice job. I wish I had a Tech Shop here in Knoxville, TN.

Alton Brown "Good Eats" has red and yellow flames on his black KitchenAid. :-)
I think they are trying to open a whole lot more in the coming years so it might not be long.I love his KitchenAid. I will have to do that some day.
oh man, i need to do this so bad.