Picture of How To Roll A Tee Shirt

Step 1: Acquire A Tee Shirt

Picture of Acquire A Tee Shirt

Step 2: Fold The Bottom

Fold the bottom about 1/4 of the way to the top but do this towards the back.

Step 3: Fold The Sleeve

Picture of Fold The Sleeve
Simple enough

Step 4: Fold The Side In

Picture of Fold The Side In
Do this about half way

Step 5: Fold The Other Side

Picture of Fold The Other Side
Do this so that it goes over the other side

Step 6: Roll!

Picture of Roll!
Do this from the top to the bottom.
Make it as tight as you can

Step 7: The Tricky Part

Picture of The Tricky Part
08, 10:31.jpg
08, 10:31.jpg
Now you will notice two flaps pull the one towards to opposite side from what it is facing

Step 8: Tricky Part #2

Picture of Tricky Part #2
Now it should look like this do the same as before pull the flap to the opposite side from which it is facing.

Step 9: The End

Picture of The End
That concludes my 4th instructable I hope you followed and liked it, if it wasn't clear just comment and I will fix it. This is really great if you need to pack a bag but you have little space.Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
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That would be helpful for camping or traveling thanks!
Gamertamer2000 (author) 10 months ago
liurunze10 months ago