How to Root an Android Device


Introduction: How to Root an Android Device

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How To Root An Android Device

This short video shows how to root an Android device (v4.1.2 or higher) without using a computer. This is the easiest and fastest method ever.

The video uses two softwares:

1. Root Checker - [To check if the device is rooted or not]

2. FarmRoot - [To root the Android device]

The FarmRoot APK can be downloaded straight on the mobile from the following URL:

Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as "root access" or "Admin access") within Android's sub-system...



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    14 Discussions

    i can't go in recovery mode t

    sir please help me i have uninstalled pre install app so i can't open settings

    how to root an rca tablet

    how to root an rca tablet

    how to root an rca tablet

    Here is a much simple method to root Android phone or tablet. However, you need turn on usb debugging first. Connect your phone to the computer and click "root" button, then your device will be rooted in minutes: How to root Xperia Z3 (for example)

    You can use Kingroot_V4.5.2.928 from xda site.....simply and only one touch you

    have a root on your android phone or tablet....enjoy!!

    1 reply

    i had many problems rooting my LG it seems impossibe to me.

    How about posting instructions? Otherwise instructable is of no use whatsoever!!

    2 replies

    Sure, I will add some screenshots and few line to the post