Picture of How To Rum Infuse and Pressure-Cook Cigars
Since way back in the late 20th century (1995), I have been pressure-cooking cigars in rum and sharing them with my friends. Everyone loves them, even people who say they don't like cigars, and as a result I now end up having to make large batches of cigars of 50 or more at a time. That's OK because it is easy and doesn't cost very much, as you will soon see.

The fun thing about this method of infusing cigars with rum under heat and pressure is that it violates just about every cigar purist's rule of keeping cigars, which are:
  • Always keep cigars at exactly the proper humidity of 70%
  • Always keep cigars at the precise temperature of 70 degrees F (21.1 degrees C)
  • Expensive cigars are always better than cheap cigars, so buy the most expensive cigars you can afford
With this recipe, you will basically pressure-cook cheap $1 full-sized cigars in high-proof rum (100% relative humidity) for a long period of time under pressure in a very hot environment (130 degrees F or 54.4 degrees C). We will completely ignore all the rules above and then some, while producing the finest smoking and best tasting cigars that most people have ever had, including cigar experts!

Let's get to it, shall we?
PCPUnicorn2 years ago
if you are using a ammo box do you still put the cigars in a ziplock bag?
TechShopJim (author)  PCPUnicorn2 years ago
It is up to you. If the ammo box is clean, then you can put them directly into the can.

Good luck!
itg0d3ss2 years ago
What would I be able to do if I didn't have proofing box or gas stove to cook the cigars?
TechShopJim (author)  itg0d3ss2 years ago
Of course, but you'd have to figure out a way to heat up the cigars without burning them.
You keep your oven going for 3 months? What about cooking?
TechShopJim (author)  garretttaylor2 years ago

Hi GarrettTaylor...

Good point!

I used to run the oven (rather the pilot light) back when I had that old oven. Of course, there were two ovens in that stove...side-by-side. When we wanted to bake something, we would use the right oven. The left oven was always used for cigars.

Our oven was like this one:


I miss that old oven!
eyepodd2 years ago
this might be a dumb question, but can you infuse anything else? does rum work best? what other flavors of juices or could work? also, i wish i could buy those cigars but they dont sell to Canada from there :( plus id have to pay duty on them :( great ible. 5/5 :)
TechShopJim (author)  eyepodd2 years ago
I'm not sure. I think any liquor that didn't have a lot of sugar content would work. Baileys Irish cream, schnapps, or Kahlua coffee liquor would be BAD because they would get sticky. 8^O

The problem I see maybe with juices also would be the sugar content...it might get sticky when the cigars dry out, which they need to at the end of the process.

I would definitely avoid any juices with artificial sweeteners, because I'm not sure about this, but I would expect that it isn't good to burn artificial sweeteners and inhale the fumes.

You could use extracts like fruit oils, cinnamon, vanilla, etc., diluted in water or in ethanol (95% Ever Clear). That might be interesting. Look for extract assortments on eBay or Amazon. I would try to stick with ones that are natural instead of artificial. Orange flower water or rose water might be interesting.

Post here if you come up with something good, OK?

Glowbot2 years ago
My Pop loves cigars and I would love to make him some of these but I was just wondering how exactly you made your proofing box. Maybe you could make a short ible to illustrate how its done
tbo0013 Glowbot2 years ago
Yes please, could you show inside photo's of you're proofing box? The fan on the inside, what type is it and is it attached to the outside?
+1 to the above questions.