How to Run Windows 1 on Android





Introduction: How to Run Windows 1 on Android

In This Tutorial I Will Show You How To Run Windows On Android :) Hope You Enjoy Some Nostalgia.

Step 1: Download ADosBox

Download ADosBox From The Google Play Store (Link Below).

Step 2: Download Windows 1 Img

Download Windows 1 Img And Place It Into The Root Of Your Sd Card.


Step 3: Open ADosBox

Open ADosBox And Then Open The Menu (With Your Menu Button On Your Device) And Turn On Screen Keyboard On.

Step 4: Commands :)

Type "boot win101.img" (I Typed win1.img Because I Renamed It)

Step 5: WINDOWS 1 :D

If All Goes Well YOU HAVE WINDOWS 1 ON YOUR PHONE! WELL DONE! Try Opening Paint, To Draw You Need To Hold Your Finger Down For A Second Then Start Drawing.

Step 6: Q&A

Q: I Have No SD Card!

A: Dont Worry! Just Use Your Phones Directory (Thats What I Did) It Automatically Turns To Your Phones Directory.

Q: It Wont Boot!

A: Check if its in a folder it should be in the ROOT Directory, if not Try Moving It to you phones ROOT directory.

Thanks For Reading!




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    Great. Is there a way to run Windows 98SE? That is something I can actually use on an old tablet. I used to have a laptop running it but it did not survive a visit from a small child. Mostly I used it for word processing with some small internet incursions.

    2 replies

    whit the BOCHS emulator app ( ) it is possible to emulate newer Windows and Linux versions too

    1 reply

    Maybe, But You Will Need A Beefy Android Phone :) I Might Make A Tutorial.

    Cool - This is really cool. Not having immediate access to my Android, I used one of my VirtualBox guest sessions and replaced the floppy disk image with the IMG that you provided (ignore the CP/M name in the title bar.)

    1 reply

    that is awesome dint even know there was a windows 1.

    do I have to root my device for this to work?

    1 reply

    nope, Its just an emulator app.

    Ha this is awesome! I never thought that you could do this. I have a computer running Windows 3.1 but I've never messed with Windows 1. Great job!