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First off, Hello and thanks for viewing my instructable.

Most of us have experienced dropping or spilling liquid over our over priced sensitive cell phones or gadgets and lost them forever.

Most people try to save their gadgets the wrong way . ex using a hair dryer witch may force moisture further into the small components and giving your phone a complete knockout .

In this instructable i will show you how to increase the chances of saving your phone/gadgets from drowning.

Also If you wish to view the video of this instructable for a better understanding or a quick review of the hole project click below. http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-save-a-wet-cell-phone-2'

Note for this instructable you will need :

1. One or more wet hand held gadgets.
2. One dry airtight container.
3. One pack of household cocking rice.
4. One or more small screwdriver.

Enjoy !

Step 1: Step 1 : Act Quickly !

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The most important thing you have to do is to get that phone out of the water as soon as possible don't just look dumb at it while it's drowning, act fast !

Remove it from the water [pic.1].[pic.2]
Even doe the phone was under water for only a few seconds the vibration function short circuited, resulting in the phone vibrating out of control to view this watch the video http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-save-a-wet-cell-phone-2 or in [pic.3] .

So remember, removing it from the water as soon as possible makes the life/death difference !
antlan1 year ago
Here is a great infographic on how to do fix your phone. http://www.plumbworld.co.uk/how-to-fix-a-phone-dropped-in-the-toilet
joety2 years ago
jcaresheets3 years ago
I just wanted to tell my story and how rice saved me. It was only about 2 weeks ago maybe that I had to walk up to the gas station and as normal I took my I-pod touch with me. I got stuck in a really bad storm and by the time I got home I went straight to the tub instead of dripping all over the place, I was that wet. Well I was afraid my I-pod was done for since it stopped work on the way home even though I kept it in my pocket the whole time.

Once I was home the I-pod seemed to be dead and I am sure many people out there (not the ones on this site) would have just thrown it away. But I remembered the rice idea (from somewhere on the net but not this instructable) and decided it was a great time to try it out. I opened a one pound bag of rice and dumped it in a storage container. Then placed the I-pod in there and added the other half of the bag and put the lid on the container. I know i should have left it in longer but I dug it out after 48 hours. I needed to clean off quite a bit of caked on rice dust, but it worked perfect after that. So, rice saved me $180 that would have been spent on another. (Actually this one was given to me and there is no way I would have the money to buy another, but that is besides the point.)
framses4 years ago
haha, orez romanesc ;)
OT4 framses3 years ago
Si eu vorbesc romuna. Eu sunt din america si no vorbesc romuna forarte correct.
kt112993 years ago
My phone screen is all fuzzy i need to fix it! I cant afford a new one... does the putting the phone in dry rice work..? I need the water out of my samsung fllight 2 phone!
basekiller4 years ago
Hi, another method that will work faster.
I've only used it once to rescue a friends phone - but all went very well.
Do this at own risk of course, but this method repaired a broken phone and didn't damage screen or anthing...

Follow the first steps in this instructable (get it out of the water ASAP, take out battery)... then submerge your phone in pure alcohol. Yeah, I know it seems strange but let me explain:

The alcohol level should be as high as you can get (I used 90%). The trick is that the alcohol will 'pull' the water out of your phone and dissolve it, while the alcohol won't damage it.

Only leave your phone in for about 30 seconds or so, move it around a bit while it's under to make sure the alcohol gets everywhere. Let the alcohol evaporate completely (like 30 minutes) before reassembling the phone.

Et voila!

(BTW, just discovered this site and this is my first contribution...hope it helps!)
Good but very scary! 12 years ago, I dropped a brand new flip phone in a cup of coffee 3rd day out. $350.00 up front! Took the battery out immediately and got it into a bowl of rice. Left it for a week, but by that time, it was dry and worked amazingly well for the next 4 years. Rice I have lying around. Alcohol, not so much. Thanks for the instructable.
I have to agree with that. Submerge quickly and shake for about 7 seconds and put it onto a towel, and flip every 3 minutes for 15 minutes, and should be back to normal. This must not be done with battery.
You could just put the phone in a bowl of rice
amohanty3 years ago
Really informative article. But the recent spray from Ross,demonstrated a waterproof iPhone.It makes the surface superhydrophobic !
Constantine6 years ago
Good Instructable, but I've got to ask; are you saying doe on purpose instead of though?
He actually talks like that. He's from romania, give him a break.
smcmosley4 years ago
"Household cocking rice."
danielozzo4 years ago
I remembered I "stumbled" in this instructable a while ago... well, yesterday my phone fell in the worst place, you know which one... so I tried to dry it with a towel and ran to my pc to look for your instructions... 'till now, it isn't fully fixed, damned "ok button", but at least it works!!! now it's sleeping again in a rice bed... let's hope for tomorrow!

thank you
fallenleif5 years ago
Very cool, I have had the phone in the pool experience but that was back in the day and phones were not as advanced as they are today. First thing was to get the battery out, put it in distilled water and then let it dry for a long time. I wished I would have thought about the rice trick, even if you do not put it in the rice having it in a air tight container with the rice will be better than in open air. Thank you for the Instructable!
mulcbone6 years ago
I gave my iPhone an accidental bath recently. Despite what you say, it's a completely different method than your phone above. The biggest difference is that you have no easy access to the battery...and, even though you can turn the iPhone off, there's still a bit of current running in the battery. I took out the screws on the bottom and pried it open. Let it air-dry and it's been fine since then. I tried the rice method but found a lot of tiny particles and dust that I wanted to avoid. Good advice for all other phones, tho! :)
ac1D mulcbone6 years ago
your lucky. my friend sister dropped her ipod touch on the swimming pool, she let it dry for about 2-3 day open, and then the touchscreen was acting weird. Anyway she bough a new one at walmart, put the old one in the box and return it, they are stupid and took it hback.
ellion5656 ac1D5 years ago
why did they took back that ipod touch??? is there any problems in their heads?
ac1D ellion56565 years ago
Just did that with a ps3 slim. I dropped it, it was no more reading bluray(altough it read dvd, maybe the lense gone wrong) Bough a new one, put the old in the box and get a refund. You see, it's how it work at walmart: stupid 16yo kid in blue cloth with a blue brain does what you want- alway!
ddpedersen ac1D5 years ago
Ok dude, not to be a cop, but this is basically stealing.  If you are clumsy and drop your stuff, then take some responsibility.

The reason stuff is more expensive is because of people like you.
ac1D ddpedersen5 years ago
Do you think a company who make a million every hour really care about you bringing back a game console that don't work?
You are like all these eco guy who scream when you drop trash outside. Not like if they never had did it, too.
severepb ac1D5 years ago
i have had a pair of black headphones i stepped on one (looked brand new still) and they werent that old. i had bought them at best buy. went to walmart the next week, bought some black headphones. went home, put my old ones in the package from my new ones. exchanged them for another color. i still have yet to do this with my blue ones that broke. (these are JVC gummies btw)
"they are stupid and took it back"? I hope you can see the error is this irresponsible behaver on her part.
"Behaver." Lmao... -PKT
how do u open up itouch or iphone? i dropped my itouch yesterday into the toilet. i was in school and taking a break i put my touch to my back pocket jeans while i walk around then i forgot to take it out when i went to washroom. im doing the rice thing now but i didnt open my itouch. hopefully it will help.. my itouch is charging and if i put it into my ipoddock it will play the last playlist it played and using the remote control i can skip the song in the playlist but i canot changed it like going to the main menu since i cant see anything on the screen. its all white!!
for the iphone 3g you take out the 2 screws on the bottom, then place a suction cubnear the bottom of the screen near the home key (but still on the screen) then carefully and slowly pull up whamo its open!
LOL :-{)
cknuts175 years ago
This is by far the best way to save a cell phone from water damage:  http://www.ehow.com/how_5854392_save-cell-phone-got-wet.html
what do you do if it happend=s to a touch phone like mine??????????
ellion56565 years ago
maybe that instructable makes the phone almost completely destroyed but its a nice instructable, nat least having an effort to save your digital junk!!!
Go to your local shoe store ask for a bag of the the silica desiccant packets. The ones that say DO NOT EAT. Take your electronic item and bury it in the packets, it will suck the moisture out really quickly. This method is very effective but rice is usually a lot easier to find.
tazerl4946 years ago
I dorped my pohne in the tolite a week ago while this still work
My dad's phone sat in rain overnight and was perfectly fine.
Mortizner6 years ago
Dropped my Motorola Q into a swimming pool and didn't get it out for about five minutes, still works, know why? because I submerged it in Everclear (grain alcohol) for a few minutes (shaking and turning the phone to soak every nook and crany) now it works fine. Want to know why? Do a little research on Ethyl alcohol. I trust this way more than rice.
lil jon1686 years ago
i drop a $10 walmart phone in a glass of coke and it turned back on right when i pulled it out
margann6 years ago
The other thing you can do is, remove the battery and put the phone in the oven set to its lowest setting. On my oven, that is 170 degrees. I left my phone in for about 4 hours. Works great. Remember: evaporation is an electronic devices best friend. : )
Kwitmeh36 years ago
i believe you mean to say 'cooking rice'
I believe the word you were looking for was "tho" or "though" instead of "doe".
brassmnkys6 years ago
There's a higher chance that there will be rice on hand as opposed to magnesium sulfate, unless you drop you phone in a petri dish.
Epsom bath salts are ubiquitous as well though rice may be more commonly on hand. Be sure the epsom salt has no other added ingredients.
Couldn't you use Magnesium Sulfate (baked Epsom salts) instead of rice as the drying agent, as it complexes with water and pulls moisture out of the air. The desiccators in my analytical lab class use them to dry things out and keep them dry.
that would work better than rice but make sure none of the dust or crystals can get onto and into the phone remember from chemistry that salts corrode or oxidize metals especially in the presence of water or moisture, which is the situation in this case. complete separation wrapping each in filter paper then placing a barrier like a small plate between them inside the air tight container. Baking the salt will drive off the water making it anhydrous but don let it sit out too long before packing it into the air tight container or it will rehydrate from the moisture in the air.
Complete dessication using the most hydroscopic crystals are not critical unless precision mass measurements are warranted like when calculation percent yield of a reaction or when using a chemical as a starting material in a reaction. The rice might be more practical in this case.
removing the battery is the key! Flushing the electronic parts with deionized or distilled water would be ideal before drying. This will remove conductive salt ions that could corrode or oxidize metal parts integral for function. yes add more water! just make sure that it really is deionized water use sparingly and don't soak. They should put fuses in the batteries! but alas they make so much money off of swimming pools oceans and washing machines. I mean The people who use these. The saltier the water (more dissolved ions) the less likely your phone will recover if you leave the battery in. Lab dessicants can be used instead of rice. wrap the phone in a dry paper towel or TP first to prevent dust and debris from clogging up the works.
quesoman6 years ago
this is cool i probably wont use it unless i need to..... im not fond of taking large risks with my valuable electronics. BTW could you super size this and do it with a wet disasembled laptop???????
lakerman236 years ago
Make sure there isn't a next time lol
rice a la phone?
LOLZ you so funny!!!!!
It wasn't my idea.
Oh, He so funny!!!!!!!!
here I'll give you the full text Rice à la phone? You won’t find this recipe at Epicurious.com, but you will find it to be an effective solution for sapping the moisture from a waterlogged device.
rice a la phone.jpg
Oh, They so funny!!!!!!!!!
i jumped in the pool with my samsuing sync in my pocket i was in for liek 1o mins it started vibrating and i jumped out cussed alittle bit did what you said then soaked it in rubbing alcohol then itstill works i got a new phone any way tho the lg vu
oobay776 years ago
Any advice if I didn't know about this save in advance? I have a Sanyo VM5500 phone that was dropped in water for a split second. Since I was blissfully ignorant about these steps I went ahead and turned the phone back on. It worked fine for a few hours and then started having issues. It continues to power on and off and functions for phone calls. Here's the rub: Only a couple of the buttons on the faceplate work. As a result I can only view incoming data and accept calls, no outgoing dialing, texts, etc. Is it toast or is there a way to salvage it? I have loads of data in the phone I want to keep and can't really afford a new one anyhow...
qballcat6 years ago
stil says cocking rice in the first step......
funky monk6 years ago
A step to try if it still doesn't work is to wash it in distillled water and then multiple chnges of isopropyl alcohol
dabolin6 years ago
I dropped my phone (razor) out of my shirt pocket, into my pool, it took me about 3 minutes to retrieve it. As soon as I got it out I used the air compressor to blow out the water and then I put it in a bag of rice over night. After that it has worked fine. It has been almost 1 year since this incident.
I've heard about saving a water-logged cell phone this way before but unlucky for me i dropped mine in the toilet while texting lolz and it now has water under the screen but it still works, it just looks magnified from the water. More or less it looks like a phone for a person with bad sight lol.
sammel6 years ago
at the beginning you said "cocking rice".you might want to revise this as this may be offensive to some. but to me, it's just dang funny. TEE HEE HEE
Matt4_166 years ago
Then remove from rice and wash off right :)
JeyNyce6 years ago
If I only knew about this a year ago.....I could have saved my wife's phone. Nice tip. I'll remember this for next time.
lobo_pal6 years ago
My friend went swimming with his cell phone on accident, and just left it in the sun for three days. It worked fine after that.
nice instructable, just wondering does this process work with pool water, I've tried a very similar process but my phone fell in a pool the chlorine was the problem, the chemicals effected the parts more than the water, and does this get water out from between the different layers of the screen?
Bert996 years ago
Pretty weird
awang86 years ago
I know that by ripping open a disposable diaper you can get this really asorbent fluffy thingy that works really well when you're trying to save a old cell phone/clean up baby poop.
ac1D6 years ago
1) put it in the freezer 2) wait untile the water freeze 3) use it until the ice melt 4) ??? 5) profit! 6) start over at step 1
DIYerr ac1D6 years ago
Steps 3 and 4, is that from south park? In the Underpants Gnomes episode, (lol) the gnomes have 3 steps which go as follows: step 1: steal underpants step 2: ? step 3: profit!
ac1D DIYerr6 years ago
danlab6 years ago
My mom did this after she ran her original ipod nano through the washing machine, and it works fine now, other than a few new scratches and a little shorter battery life. Note: Any sort of desiccant (rice in this case), sodium polyacrylate (the stuff in absorbent diapers), or even the little packs out of shoe boxes will work at least in theory; yet when something as cheap and easy to get as rice works, why bother with anything else.
2nup3506 years ago
I break a phone about every three months, now i just go buy cheap GO-Phones and put in my old sim card. that sim has been through three washing machi9ne cycles and not broken yet
lol, my sister droped her iphone in a toilet, and their a seald component so she was screwed.
rimar20006 years ago
I quickly pulled the phone from the water, shook it vigorously, removed the battery, put it inside a sock and hung it above the stove (luckily it was winter), to approximately one meter in height during 8 hours. This procedure saved it, but a while later the ring bell stopped ringing, I do not know if this has been because of the water.
jeandeau6 years ago
If the device was exposed to ocean or salt water or water otherwise carrying contaminants, don't be afraid to rinse the phone or electronics with distilled or deionized water. Yank the battery out first! Purified water is not a conductor of electricity, but initially it will be carrying salts from the dunking as it mixes and dissolves the dirty water. Pure water will not damage most electronics. In the effort to dissolve and carry out contaminants, it may carry minerals or salt from the previous exposure to circuits deeper inside the device; a purified water rinse has to be a VERY thorough cleaning. Perhaps your neighbour is an optician or jeweler with an ultrasonic vibration bath? Drying in a vacuum chamber would greatly reduces drying time without using heat. That's a little harder to come by... I believe permanent electronic failure is typically scorched circuit board traces due to power shorting across dirty water paths. Hence the need to be absolutely certain the device is completely dry before putting the battery back in.
jdege jeandeau6 years ago
I had an expensive camera that got splashed with seawater, taking pics of my nephews on a family outing. I set the oven to preheat to 200 degrees, then took the camera apart as far as was feasible, rinsed it with distilled water, then turned off the oven and put the camera in to dry. It might have worked, had my sister bothered to look in the oven before she started cooking dinner.
notveryreal6 years ago
I think you meant to say "prized" instead of "priced" in the first sentence. Otherwise, good instructable.
PKM notveryreal6 years ago
Looks like he's saying "over-priced" to me...
landmanhall6 years ago
I got so sick of my cheap cell screwing up that I put it in half filled glass of Alabama Slammer while at a bar. When I sobered up, I lightly rinsed it with warm water then put it on my dashboard for two days. I worked just as well as before (Poorly). The next day it messed up so much during an important exchange between a client and I, I twisted it in two. My new iphone works flawlessy. This doesnt have much to do with the topic, I just thought I'd share.
qballcat6 years ago
mmmmmmmm cocking rice (lol it says that in the intro, COCKING rice) apart fro that nice ible'
Aar000n3y6 years ago
I found that just taking out the battery and letting it air dry for a few days worked fine. Just don't try to turn it on until you're completely sure all the water is gone. My phone was in the water for at least 30 seconds too. I capsized in a kayak in the middle of a small lake and had to swim to shore. It was almost freezing temperatures outside and I was a mile from a warm building, haha, that was fun. Also, as a precaution for possible future accidents, cover up the water sensitive tabs inside your phone with some tape. Usually they're on the battery or the battery cover. If they get wet, they change color and often your warranty becomes void on the phone.
lol this is what people are doing now? i just wrap it in about 4 old socks, and throw it in the dryer with a load of laundry. has worked every single time. or depending on the heat sensitivity, put it in the oven at 125 degrees for about an hour. idk, just my processes.
mikedoth6 years ago
My girlfriend dropped her phone in the toilet one day (was clean) and pulled it out real fast. I pulled off the back plate+card out and then put the hair dryer over the hole on the back of the phone where the plate was. This ensured that whatever water would be 'pushed out' so to speak and in the end (after an hour or so of the hair dryer being on) the phone worked again.
Absolute no no
fwjs286 years ago
you can do the same thing with a watch with condensation on the inside..
Biopyro6 years ago
This is a brilliant instructable, but could do with a quick spell check. I'll be directing people here when this happens for some backup info.
marc926 years ago
You could also set the phone and battery in front of a dehumidifier over night.