Step 6: Well? Dose It Work Now ?

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Congrats you probably save your phone...

Even doe my phone short circuited it's vibration function during this experiment after it was subjected to the rice treatment it fully recovered and now it's working perfectly . [pic 1. & 2.]

Also if you would like to see the hole thing in a video for better understanding and fast bookmarking view the video of the project here : http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-save-a-wet-cell-phone-2

Here are some answers to a few questions you may ask :
1. If i had an iphone i would have used an iphone on this project. (and moisture & electricity work the same regardless of brand or features) so yes, you can save your iphone with this technique.
2. YES it really works !

NOTE : If your phone does not work, try plugging it into its charger without the battery, if this works, you need a new battery. If not, try taking your cell phone to an authorized dealer. Sometimes they can fix it. Don't try to hide the fact that it has been wet. There are internal indicators that prove moisture

Thank you !
basekiller4 years ago
Hi, another method that will work faster.
I've only used it once to rescue a friends phone - but all went very well.
Do this at own risk of course, but this method repaired a broken phone and didn't damage screen or anthing...

Follow the first steps in this instructable (get it out of the water ASAP, take out battery)... then submerge your phone in pure alcohol. Yeah, I know it seems strange but let me explain:

The alcohol level should be as high as you can get (I used 90%). The trick is that the alcohol will 'pull' the water out of your phone and dissolve it, while the alcohol won't damage it.

Only leave your phone in for about 30 seconds or so, move it around a bit while it's under to make sure the alcohol gets everywhere. Let the alcohol evaporate completely (like 30 minutes) before reassembling the phone.

Et voila!

(BTW, just discovered this site and this is my first contribution...hope it helps!)
Good but very scary! 12 years ago, I dropped a brand new flip phone in a cup of coffee 3rd day out. $350.00 up front! Took the battery out immediately and got it into a bowl of rice. Left it for a week, but by that time, it was dry and worked amazingly well for the next 4 years. Rice I have lying around. Alcohol, not so much. Thanks for the instructable.
I have to agree with that. Submerge quickly and shake for about 7 seconds and put it onto a towel, and flip every 3 minutes for 15 minutes, and should be back to normal. This must not be done with battery.
Constantine6 years ago
Good Instructable, but I've got to ask; are you saying doe on purpose instead of though?
He actually talks like that. He's from romania, give him a break.
mulcbone6 years ago
I gave my iPhone an accidental bath recently. Despite what you say, it's a completely different method than your phone above. The biggest difference is that you have no easy access to the battery...and, even though you can turn the iPhone off, there's still a bit of current running in the battery. I took out the screws on the bottom and pried it open. Let it air-dry and it's been fine since then. I tried the rice method but found a lot of tiny particles and dust that I wanted to avoid. Good advice for all other phones, tho! :)
how do u open up itouch or iphone? i dropped my itouch yesterday into the toilet. i was in school and taking a break i put my touch to my back pocket jeans while i walk around then i forgot to take it out when i went to washroom. im doing the rice thing now but i didnt open my itouch. hopefully it will help.. my itouch is charging and if i put it into my ipoddock it will play the last playlist it played and using the remote control i can skip the song in the playlist but i canot changed it like going to the main menu since i cant see anything on the screen. its all white!!
what do you do if it happend=s to a touch phone like mine??????????
removing the battery is the key! Flushing the electronic parts with deionized or distilled water would be ideal before drying. This will remove conductive salt ions that could corrode or oxidize metal parts integral for function. yes add more water! just make sure that it really is deionized water use sparingly and don't soak. They should put fuses in the batteries! but alas they make so much money off of swimming pools oceans and washing machines. I mean The people who use these. The saltier the water (more dissolved ions) the less likely your phone will recover if you leave the battery in. Lab dessicants can be used instead of rice. wrap the phone in a dry paper towel or TP first to prevent dust and debris from clogging up the works.
lakerman236 years ago
Make sure there isn't a next time lol
JeyNyce6 years ago
If I only knew about this a year ago.....I could have saved my wife's phone. Nice tip. I'll remember this for next time.