Step 7: Tighten straps

Tighten down the straps ensuring not to over-tighten and damage the water heater.

Previously my water heater had some play; it now feels rock solid.

Sorry I'm commenting so late, but... Doesn't it seem that putting that support back there would not help? After all, in an earthquake, you'd rather have it fall slightly backward, where nothing would break (Due to flexible pipes), than for it to fall forward?
<p>When properly secured, the water heater should not move at all relative to the wall when pushed by hand. Any slack in the straps will allow it to accelerate during a quake, possibly tearing the screws out of the wall</p>
The intention is that the water heater will not fall at all. The metal straps brace it into the corner against the back support.
OMG LAG (screw)
also, adding rubber feet to the bottom of the water heater would help with the shock....something not quite as hard as a hockey puck, but not nearly as soft as foam rubber. Maybe urethane bushing material
As an added bonus, keeping your water heater secure in an earthquake solves the pesky "two weeks of fresh, drinkable water" dilemna in your earthquake preparedness kit. Provided you can get to the heater, you can tap it for a secure source of potable water after a quake.
I see you're using flexible water and gas connectors- you might want to add a mention of that in your instructable.
Step 1 already mentions the flexible gas line, but I'll also note the water lines.
Nice job! Great thinking because you are in California! Here in PA, earthquakes are as rare as elephants!
yes because every day i too worry about my water heater being knocked over by an earthquake... lol anyway nice instructable...and what happened to that keyboard?
Very well done. Great pix and a relevant instructable. Good job!

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