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Hello! In this Instructable, I will show you how to view your Instructables by All Steps instead of having to click each step and make your finger tired, resulting in liver failure and blood loss.

Please drink responsible.


Step 1: Log In

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If you want to change your settings, you obviously have to log in.

Log into Instructables.com, aka the coolest website in the world.
My liver never fails! it just goes numb.
GorillazMiko (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
Sometimes that happens to me..
It also produces weapons grade plutonium, feta cheese and trace amounts of cyanoacrylate glue.
GorillazMiko (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
That rarely happens to me. But it's disgusting when it does happen.
It just makes such a damn mess all over the place...
GorillazMiko (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
I know. Then my mum/ mother/ mom/ mommy/ mama gets mad an makes me clean. During that time, guess what? I have a freaking seizure. Happens to you sometimes, I suppose?
And after seizures,you throw chairs out the window.
aye lol
The ?ALLSTEPS doesnt work anymore. :(
It does for me, And I am not pro.
mine still works. i have it default though, so idk if it works if its not the default setting.
Derin6 years ago
With pro,we lost the most important feature in instructables--allsteps.Somebody up for autopager work?
Kwitmeh36 years ago
whem i click umm.. save? it says error on page soo it doesn't work
Jaelle6 years ago
Thanks!! ;) (I hadn't even think about it o_O)
DJ Radio6 years ago
lol, you sneaky egg~~head~~
great instructable!! 5/5 stars
Audey6 years ago
Can you tell me how, (when i'm browsing) to see instructables as a list, NOT as a grid. by default instead of having to click it every time?
Biopyro Audey6 years ago
Click the right encircled icon. hope this helps :)
Audey Biopyro6 years ago
Allow me to qoute myself: "by default instead of having to click it every time?" Understand?
bumpus Audey6 years ago
There isn't a set, and savable way to do so. Yet.
Audey bumpus6 years ago
oh damn.
GorillazMiko (author)  Audey6 years ago
There isn't a way. Yet.
Biopyro Audey6 years ago
not a clue