How to Set Up a Fog Machine





Introduction: How to Set Up a Fog Machine

Fog machines are some of the best ways to decorate for a holiday (especially Halloween). However, they can be confusing to set up, and if used incorrectly they can be broken very easily. Following are a few tips on how to set up your fog machine correctly.

Step 1: Filling the Fog Tank

Unscrew the lid of the fog tank, and fill the tank up approximately halfway with fog fluid. I don't recommend filling the tank all the way for main reasons:

-You could spill some fluid and damage your machine.
-You most likely will not use all of the fluid at once,and letting it sit can cause spills and damage the fog machine.
-It will make the inside of your machine dirtier, resulting in possible clogs and the need of more cleaning liquid later.

After adding fluid to the tank, screw the cap back on the machine.

Step 2: Plug in the Remote Sensor

Plug the remote sensor into the back of the machine. Without it the fog machine will not work. Make sure it is plugged in snugly.

Step 3: Plug in and Warmup

Plug the machine into the wall. Next, wait around five minutes for the machines' nozzle to warm up, and the remote sensors' light to turn on. The machine will not work until it is warmed up.

Step 4: Use the Machine

Your fog machine should now be able to make fog. Have fun making your house creepy!



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can we pour ordinary water inside the fog machine?

Is there a way to make a fog machine instead of buying one

Hmmm... I wonder if this would be good for nerf????

Indeed it is! Very good to place in a base for covert operations before a battle starts! Also good for concealed sniping and guerrilla movements.

Hmm, (never heard of "Party Time" before, but I've heardo of Party City).

Do you let the machine warm up for around five or six minutes after you plug it in. It could be the problem... Or maybe you are using the wrong fog fluid. The specified fog fluid for this machine is usually on the box and the instructions.

If you have done these two things correctly, and haven't exposed the machine to water or damage, then maybe try contacting the company that makes it. It could be a broken fuse or a faulty remote system (if it came with one. If it did and you aren't using the remote, the machine will not work; the remote is required for operation).

Sorry if that was a lot of reading... But there are a lot of technical aspects to fog machines... :/

Thanks for the writeup. What brand/model smoke machine is this? What does it cost?

Sure, and thanks!

The fog machine shown is a 400-watt indoor low-lying smoke machine, and I obtained it from a Spirit Halloween store for $35-$50. (They vary in price from store to store).

The fog fluid is sold separately and costs $7 for a 2-Liter bottle that size, which lasts for approximately 150 hours of use for this particular fog machine. Cleaning fluid costs $4 for the same size 2- Liter bottle.

Thanks for taking a look! This isn't particularly my best 'Ible... :/