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Hello! This instructable will tell you how you can set up your very own nail studio/salon at home. Btw I recently painted my nails... Here is a pic of them... PLZ tell me if you like or dislike them in the comments... They are pink and sparkly!!


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Firstly, you are going to need a space to set up your studio. I recommend a medium-size desk with drawers. You will also need a comfortable chair, chairs with adjustable height are the best. Also, a simple lamp which can be adjusted is ideal so that nail polish will dry faster in its light. Here is a picture of my desk... It is a suitable space for example. Sorry about the random crap on the floor. Also, a shelf above the desk is ideal, as shown in the other pic. (Yes, those are teddy bears on the shelf. Yes, I am fourteen. Stop smirking)
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cwnash711 year ago
For 14 you really have a grasp on organization-u could teach my 16 year old a thing or two. Keep up the good work! Kudos to u and your parents!