Why Throw away an empty Water Bottle? When you can use it to set up a funny prank!!!

Learn how to use a condom and a water bottle to set up a very funny prank.... Watch and learn.... Very Funny!!!! Try It

Watch The Instructional Video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Materials!!!

For the following Pranks you will need:

  • 1 Empty Water Bottle
  • 1 Condom (make sure its not used) *any color
  • some Glue ( super glue works best)
And it can all be done with recycled materials....
Eeww! I do NOT want to reuse one of those for a prank! Would be nastier though.........BUT STILL!
i like how you think :D
i would not want one of those items to be recycled...
haha.. same here..
What's with your voice?
My parents would freak out if i got a condom, so u can use a elastic glove finger
I'm sorry but I didn't laugh one bit. That wasn't a good prank.<br />
Cool! Thanks!
So evil
heh heh - funny harmless prank - nice job!
Great prank! No one would ever expect it.
Nice, great prank man!
Brilliant prank!

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