Step 2: Step 1

Open the condom, unroll it, (stretch it)
Since most Condoms Come lubricated, place it on an old rag and begin to wipe off the lubrication.

And it can all be done with recycled materials....
Eeww! I do NOT want to reuse one of those for a prank! Would be nastier though.........BUT STILL!
i like how you think :D
i would not want one of those items to be recycled...
haha.. same here..
Turn a harmless prank into a disgusting prank!
What's with your voice?
My parents would freak out if i got a condom, so u can use a elastic glove finger
I'm sorry but I didn't laugh one bit. That wasn't a good prank.<br />
Cool! Thanks!
So evil
heh heh - funny harmless prank - nice job!
Great prank! No one would ever expect it.
Nice, great prank man!
Brilliant prank!