Picture of How To Set up The Frozen Mentos Prank!!!
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From this instructable you will learn how to expertly execute the frozen mentos Prank, You know what happens when You mix Diet Coke and Mentos, Now Add a twist to it by freezing them. Check it out, Its a first of its kind......

To get a better idea of how to execute this prank....

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Step 1: Freezing the Mentos!!!

Picture of Freezing the Mentos!!!
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The first thing you need to is get some ice cube molds and fill them with water, Put them inside the freezer till it reaches its freezing point, Before it completely freezes add a few mentos inside.

*Note- if you add the mentos before the water reaches its freezing point, the mentos will desolve and the prank wont be able to work.Click here for video

chimei623 years ago
very good thinking :D :D :D :P
 This was in wired.
 that's what she said!!
 Forgive me, but I only mentioned that this was in Wired Magazine. I don't get the joke you attempted to pull.
hide986 years ago
haha, that's a great idea. When I first read the title I thought you were going to hand out frozen rock-hard candies to unsuspecting victims. Glad it's much more jovial than that
theburn7 hide986 years ago
I thought this was about cracking teeth with mentos that are frozen
Nextraker (author)  hide986 years ago
yeah with all my videos, The title is never misleading. thanks for watching
rudedohio6 years ago
about how long does it take until you need to add the mentos
sorinescu6 years ago
lol.....man, that's a good one
Funny cool prank. Well done!
haha very clever!
ventsi6 years ago
hehe so evil
wibrle6 years ago
One of the best mentos and coke pranks I've seen. Great prank!
gagfilms6 years ago
Awesome prank!
greeenpro6 years ago
I like this variation of the infamous prank..thanks!
One of the best Mentos pranks ever!
Tomboys6 years ago
You are evil!