How to Setup a Longline (Slackline)





Introduction: How to Setup a Longline (Slackline)

The hardest part of setting up a longline (a very long slackline) is getting it tight. Today, Tyler and I will show you how to setup a longline and get it tight enough so your line is walkable.

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I was going to learn a bit but youtube says video is deleted by user. Could you update article with correct video link?

Very nice Instructable, I just wanted to add because it was not said, First off the rope you use should be static otherwise you are going to get a lot of unwanted bounce. Second you should always use tree protectors. Other than that very good!
You've got my vote!

That's very true, thanks for the vote!

One other this just because I'm curious how do you braid your slings like that?

its called a water knot which is normally used for webbing its essentially just a over hand knot on one end then u take the other end and thread it through the knot there are plenty of videos on how to tie slings on you tube check out a guy named adamburtle he has alot of videos on how to do the basics of slack lining :) hope i helped

They're asking about how it was braided to be racked. It's just daisy chained webbing.


thanks for sharing!