Picture of How-To-Sew Cute Plushie Animals
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                   Plushie animals are a great beginner crafter for you to learn to sew with. They don't require a lot of material, time, or effort to learn. And the result is a wonderful keepsake. We made these this past week for Animazement, you can see one of the classes of 20 below. Thanks everyone who came out!

                   To get started on your own plushie animal, you will need the following:

Pen or Washable Marker
Optional: Buttons or Other Trim
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Step 1: Pattern Time

Picture of Pattern Time
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          Find or make your pattern for the plushie you want. There's some great websites that have hundreds of free patterns you can print off your computer.

          I love Deviant Art, Sewing SupportAll Crafts, or your local sewing or fabric store. This is a classic 1950s Teddy Bear Pattern that I adapted for asian style clothing. Since I was doing this for a party, I copied all the pattern pieces onto hard manila paper to stand-up to more abuse/greater accuracy. Also, if your pattern has notes for "on the fold" redo your pattern laying flat to prevent distortion. It's not good to use on the fold on small pattern pieces since this can be up to 1/4-1/2" variations which will kill the cuteness factor on small plushie animals to take them from something cute to something out of Tim Burton movie.

Step 2: Cut Out the Pattern Pieces

Picture of Cut Out the Pattern Pieces
Take a pair of scissors and cut out the pattern pieces. Some people use an exacto knife.

Step 3: Trace Out the Pattern Pieces On Fabric

Picture of Trace Out the Pattern Pieces On Fabric
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Lay your pattern pieces down flat and trace them. Remember to flip pieces if necessary (for right or left). I used washable Crayola markers for this! They're great.
talemany2 years ago
I made a Tree Spirit plushie using this pattern with a few changes.
Haus Page (author)  talemany2 years ago
Leopardjoy163 months ago

This is so cute! I love the video links, they are really helpful, considering I really want to make plushies sometime!

SUCCESS!!! I made the little bear with a sewing machine and it turned out better than I expected!

yay! just stumbled on this and said "hey i know that guy!!"
how's it goin Nash?!