Now that there is a little less than a month left before my son's birthday, I have started to give more thought to how his birthday party will be. I decided to choose Cars for this year's theme because I had impulsively bought some cute, inexpensive Cars watches for party favors a month or two ago, and know that if the batteries go out, it will cost more for me to replace them than the watches cost in the first place.

Instead of buying some cheap, plastic Cars favor bags, I decided to make my own out of cloth.  They actually ended up being cheaper and I think they look a lot nicer.  Plus, they should last longer.

I wanted a design that would be quick and easy to make because I planned on making at least a dozen of them.  I had originally thought of making drawstring pouches out of t-shirt sleeves or kids t-shirts, but decided that, even if they are quick to make, pulling that many drawstrings through could take quite awhile, and they might not be as cute as a mini tote.

What you will need:
  • Cloth
  • Thread
  • Ribbon, cotton ribbon tape, or something similar for the straps
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Overlock Machine (optional)
  • Iron-on Transfers or fabric paint for decorating them (Optional)

Step 1: Step One: Sew the Strap Loops to the Top Length of the Fabric

The problem with making a tote is that sewing the straps on the side of the bag can also take quite awhile.  So I decided to sew the straps into the top seam of the bags instead.

To be honest, when I began I had no idea of how they would turn out, but I had an idea and just went with it. 

I took a long strip of fabric and used my overlock machine to sew down the top edge, adding loops of ribbon wherever I wanted a strap to be.  (You could use a regular sewing machine, of course, I just find the overlock machine to be quicker and neater.) 

Keep in mind when spacing that you need to leave twice the space that you want between the strap and the edge of each bag because you are making several bags at once.    You will later be cutting down the center of the space between loops and that cut will end up being the edge of your bag. 

I hope that makes sense.

I didn't measure, but kept a mental image of the size, more or less, that I wanted my bags to be when forming and sewing on the loops.  I tried to keep all of the loops the same width and length. 
<p>I actually laughed out loud with delight when I saw how you did this! Thank you for sharing this technique, I've never seen it before and it's BRILLIANT! I can't wait to use your idea - off to make some little Halloween treat bags, yippee! I love learning :D Thanks again!</p>
That is so efficient! And they look great :)
Thanks! :)
They look so cute, very good idea also for girls :)
Thank you. <br>Yes, you can really decorate them however you like. <br>By changing the fabric and ribbons for the straps, you can also get different looks to suit your needs.

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