How-To Sew a Buttonhole




Introduction: How-To Sew a Buttonhole

Hi guys, today I ll be showing how to sew a buttonhole and a button using your sewing machine. Please note that all machines are different, you will need your manual to figure out what setting you should have it on regading the lenght and width of you buttonhole. I am using a Brother XL-2620 special edition. 

Make sure to always sew a few buttonholes on a scrap of material before you try to sew one on your final project even if you know how to sew a buttonhole. It will enable you to set your settings more accuratly and refresh your mind by the same token, kill two birds with one stone kind of thing.

When you are ready to sew on your buttonhole, make sure to mark it's place on your project , double check that it matches with your button placement and finely that it is not crocked.                                    

As usual you can also find me here:  , if you  want to sew what I am working on next ^_^




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