How to Sew a Lined Pouch With a Zip





Introduction: How to Sew a Lined Pouch With a Zip

A quick and easy tutorial for sewing a lined pouch with a zip.
I've made so many of these I can't count them. They are so useful, and make perfect gifts.


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Questions & Answers


this was an interesting project, it was the first time I had fitted a zip too? so I'm well chuffed, thanks for the instructable. I added a few extras to my version, sad attempt at sewing leather tabs but I did sew an extra line inside next to the zipper to stop the lining from becoming trapped in thr zip as it opened and closed, finally I hemmed all the lower stitching to hide the ends of the fabrics, thanks for a fun project.

Way cool! I like how you describe what you're doing in the images.