Step 4: And now to smooth it all out!

Picture of And now to smooth it all out!
You look done, but here's where you get smooth. Really smooth, and bumpless. Remember which direction the grain of your hair went, and how you shaved along with it? Changeup. Now we're going to go across. If you shaved down, shave to the side. If you shaved to the side, shave up or down. Absolutely don't go against the grain. You'll be smooth, but you're dooming yourself to a week of ugly red dots, especially around the chin. Go over it all with the razor across the grain, careful now, it's a bit different than last time. You might notice that the razor gets less clogged, but still keep it rinsed.

Done? Might not be. Run your hand over your face, check for rough spots. Go over those again before moving on to the next step. You oughta be very smooth by now.

Random Note: Yes I know I'm bleeding a little. I didn't cut myself, it's a zit. The aftershave in the next step takes care of cuts, anyway.
kayus43211 year ago
Informative tips above shaving. thanks