Did you ever shoot a basketball and make it? Shooting a basketball isn't very hard, if you listen to instructions and do it right. This will make you a top notch shooter anytime. Now listen to instructions and it will show you step by step how to shoot a basketball.           

Step 1: Get Everything You Need

First, you will need a gym with a basketball court, a basketball, gym clothes and sneakers. 

Step 2: Go to the Right Spot

Second, go either to the three point line  or free throw line, which is located about 75 percent of the court.

Step 3: Stand Right

Next, square up your feet about one and a half feet from each other.

Step 4: Have a Good Way of Doing It

Then, you have to have "beef" which means B for balance body and  e for eye on basket and the second e for elbow strait then f for follow threw.

Step 5: Have Power

After, bend your knees and go to the tip of tour toes. So you have more power from your legs.

Step 6: Do It Right

Last, put it all together and do it all at once. That is how to shoot a basketball correctly.

Step 7: Warnings and Tips

If you can't make it do it over and over until you make it. Also if it makes it easy use a men's 29.9 basketball.
<p>Practice is the only thing that makes you better, that's for certain!</p>
<p>Practice is the only thing that makes you better, that's for certain!</p>

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