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Hey guys today im gonna teach u how to shoot a bow easily and affectively. I use a Matthews Genisis bow and Easton arrows, which is what NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) will have you to use. U can find these bows online or at Dicks or Academy. They are about $170 each.

Step 1: Stance

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If you are in an archery tournament, you need the correct stance. Place your feet shoulder width apart and make sure your feet are firm.

Step 2: Pulling Back

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When your shooting archery you need to make sure you pull back all the way and hold it there for 10 seconds. You need to pull back to where your index finger is in the corner of your smile. Hold it for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Aim

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After you have pulled back, aim. If you dont know where to aim, aim dead center. Then hold for 10 seconds. Try to keep your bow hand as still as possible. Release. Wherever your arrow goes, aim opposite of that.

Step 4: Release

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When you release the bow string, make sure you are trying to touch your shoulder blades together. Try not to pluck the string when you release.

Step 5: Scoring

As you may know, if the arrow goes in the dead center, its a 10. Outside of the yellow, 9, and inside of the red, 8, etc. Add up all your arrows, and then shoot another round.

Step 6: Success

If you discover that you are really good at this, join an archery team. Most schools should have one. If they dont, you can message me for ideas on how to get archery to come to ur school. Thanks for reading this instructable, and be sure to check out my three other instructables about airsoft tips. Have fun shooting!


Bowen2002 (author)2014-05-23

Hehe ur welcome!

Good info! Thanks for including stuff about posture since that's hard to tell from pictures!

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