How to Shoot a J-wad



Introduction: How to Shoot a J-wad

Step 1: Get Supplies

All you need is a rubber band and a peice of paper 1in by 2 in or somewhere around there

Step 2: Fold Your Paper in Half

This will work length wise or width wise

Step 3: And Again

Do the same thing a whole bunch of times until its like a pellet

Step 4: Prepare the Gun

Stretch the rubber band between your thumb and index finger

Step 5: Cock the Weapon

Normally you would pinch the top band and pull back with your other hand but I can't do that because I'm holding the camera

Step 6: Load and Fire

Take the j-wad (paper) and put it in the part you pulled back and then let it go! DO NOT AIM AT ANYTHINGS EYES OR FACE!!!!!



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