Introduction: How to Shoot a Recurv

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Step 1: The Materials

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First you need to buy a bow. Second you need to buy some Arrows .make sure the right kind for your bow. Also, make sure the bow fits you and you can pull the string back. You can buy a strap for your arm so the arrow doesn't hit it. But personally I don't use one.

Step 2: Sting the Bow!!

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You will have to learn to string the bow. Out your leg over the. Ow like in this picture and push the string will latch on to the 2 notches.

Step 3: Continued

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Step 4: AIM SHOOT FIRE!!!!!!!!

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The arrow will have to colors at the end. The color with two colors will be near the bow and the one with one color will be sticking out from the bow like in the picture.


cacj131 (author)2014-12-24

Nice job! Though I think you might need to work more on explaining.

sxcgreekboi_24 (author)2014-11-28

These are terrible instructions

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