Consider this. You are a normal person who isnt a good singer. You get Rock Band and someway manage to evade the singing part. Until now.

Havent you ever seen a friend with envy because he sings better than you? (Or just because he lets out of his mouth notes, rather than squeaks) This is your oportunity to learn how to sink, i mean sing!!!! (Or get close to singing)

While singing, you can inflict injuries that can last the rest of your life, so be careful

Step 1: What You Need

You dont need money to learn to sing. You only need the following:
+A little time for practice
+You require not to be afraid to sing loudly and look ( or sound ) stupid, this is called "CONFIDENCE" This is the most important part of all, and it takes a while to get used to it

+Rock Band or Guitar Hero
(To humilliate people online because of your super special awsome singing abilities) No. not that. Its a good excuse for singing.
+if you, unlike me, have money, a vocal coach. Or, you can join a local choir.
I didn't use this at all, no offence, because I was already singing on expert. But some of the stuff here is actually valid, and thats pretty good.
This was uninformative, and as a singer who has taken voice lessons for 6 years I can say this is all fairly useless information.
First- The point of this instructable is to be able to sing in rock band, and second, comments are made for <em>helping</em> an instructable to become a better one, not just saying that you didn&acute;t like it. And please, if you think this is useless information, give some useful information- it will benefit the community.<br/>
Ok here's some useful information - 1. Specify what the instructable is for in the title more accurately. 2. You should never scream while singing. Singers whom do extreme vocal maneuvers (like screams, shrieks, or growls) should be trained to do so without damaging their voices. Yes, there is technique involved. 3. Perhaps there was nothing much to be constructive about - this is all just information one could cull off the internet using google. Instructables should inform the reader in a directed, specific, and expert fashion. Anyone could have made this instructable in just a short amount of time using google. I don't mean to be so harsh, but this is one poorly made instructable - just random images slapped onto some generic (and not always correct) information. This contributes little to the community if anything at all.
Thanks for the info
Suit up and sing in rock band!
LOL rock band expert: here i come!!!
Yea, like me wuhuu

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