How to Singe Off Your Eyelashes, in Slow-Mo...




Introduction: How to Singe Off Your Eyelashes, in Slow-Mo...

  Alright In this Instructable I will Attempt to Explain to the best of my abilities "How To Singe Off Your Eyelashes..." It May be difficult and arduous to Convey this Information But I will Try to Decipher Upon you to the best of my abilities the method in which you can do this...

   Step 1: Fire...

   Step 2: Do something Stupid or Idiotic...

  Step 3: Singed Eyelashes... (Possibly Among Other Things...)

  XD No Fooling, I hope everyone has a great April!! And Happy Easter!! And if you Luaghed or Chuckled Please Remember to Vote For this Instructable... It means A lot, thanks!

  Alright Joking Aside, now for the serious stuff, Obviously don't play with fire...

   Video, "Can you Fire Breathe With Mineral Oil..?" (

  This is just a Snippet from one of my other videos, and I found it to kinda humorous so I figured I would share a Highlight of it...

  I did this on a windy day, which fire breathing should Never be done on...

  However a Low Combustibility Fuel, and some Quick Reaction saved me from getting hurt at all... But R.I.P. my Left Eyelashes... You'll Be Missed... Q_Q



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