Step 3: Pushing off

Picture of Pushing off
Here is the picture of what it should look like pushing off.
Always have your dominant foot on the front. Then you will have your other foot on the back and push off with that foot.

You will need to figure out if your stance is regular, or goofy.

The first picture is how to push off. And the second picture is how to push off goofy. The third picture is how to push off regular.

Then there is a position where you stand normal but when you push you push with your front foot.
That is called mongo.
gaviato6 years ago
my left foot is my dominant foot but i feel comfortable in putting it at the back of the skateboard and my right with which i push off i keep that in front.is this okay?
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  gaviato6 years ago
ya thats called pushing mongo!
yerjoking7 years ago
what about mongo goofy or mongo regular?
zapconquest7 years ago
Are you sure that's the right picture. I don't see how you could push off standing like that. Your body should be over the board mostly, with your back foot on the ground. The way you're standing, the front foot is at a bad angle (it should be more parallel) and your back foot is on the wrong side of the board.
TeacherOfTheWays (author)  zapconquest7 years ago
I had to take the picture, so i am not in the exact perfect position.
snipeyouout8 years ago
it's really hard for me to do that. my right foot is my dominant foot but i push with that foot
chas12121238 years ago
my right foot is domanent but i push goofy
Visitor8 years ago
I have a dominant left foot and I push goofy. The right way would be to try both feet and stick to the stance that feels more comfortable.
Well said. I have a dominant right foot, and I push goofy, but I land tricks better in a regular stance, so I taught myself to push both ways. Learn how to be adaptable, first.