Introduction: How to Skateboard: the Basics

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Here is an instructable for the group: How To Skateboard.

This group is for people who would like to learn how to skateboard or for people who already skateboard. This instructable will teach you (hopefully) how to do the basics like turning and also how to ollie. Now when you watch this video you probably wont get it the fist time so the best thing to do is to practice.

Step 1: Get the Gear, Then Prepare Yourself

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First of all you need to be able to ballance a little and have a high tolerance for pain.(I'm serious)
Also you will need a pretty good skateboard and a helmet.
(You should always wear saftey gear!!!)

Here is the correct position of standing. PIC 1

This shows the correct position for when you are about to do a trick. PIC 2

PIC 3 shows that your foot should be near the very back and that your legs are spread apart.

PIC 4 shows the correct front foot position.

PIC 5 shows the stuff you will need.

Step 2: How Not to Stand

Picture of How Not to Stand

Here are some photos of how not to stand because if you use these positions, you will definetly fall.

Step 3: Pushing Off

Picture of Pushing Off

Here is the picture of what it should look like pushing off.
Always have your dominant foot on the front. Then you will have your other foot on the back and push off with that foot.

You will need to figure out if your stance is regular, or goofy.

The first picture is how to push off. And the second picture is how to push off goofy. The third picture is how to push off regular.

Then there is a position where you stand normal but when you push you push with your front foot.
That is called mongo.

Step 4: Practice, Practice, Practice

Picture of Practice, Practice, Practice

Now you are almost done...YOU WILL JUST NEED TO PRACTICE ALOT!!!

Try all these things out, and hopefully after a while you will learn how to skate, or become a better skater.

There will be more lessons to come!!!
Just check out the: How To Skateboard group.


Dougiewads (author)2016-08-04

I can't do any of it

calvin mukwamiri (author)2016-03-17

Hi I jus started skateboarding and I can balance and move at a fast speed but I cant Ollie.any tips on how to ollie

NyaGrey (author)2016-01-16

I just started skateboarding. I can balance on the board, make little turns and ollie all while moving at a good speed, but I'm having trouble with kick turns. I can only do them when at a 100% stop. Any tips?

blerty5 (author)2016-01-15

Cool explanation. I enjoyed this very much. I already know all this though, so do you have any more complex lessons?

Fancy_Girl_Ash (author)2015-07-14

i have rlly been into skateboarding so i got one and ppl on vids make it look so easy to skateboard.

inforussle (author)2012-06-03

Question. I don't skateboard but a few of my friends got me on one and I felt most comfortable right foot in front pushing with my left. I know it was explained but I'm confused, that it regular stance right? Or is it goofy?

LocomA (author)inforussle2015-07-14


Themanwithaplan (author)2011-10-10

i skate mongo and it is really annoying because when i try an olie i have to nollie

rcooke1 (author)Themanwithaplan2015-05-19

same hereit just feels very natural

Aralooloo (author)2012-08-28

Well,it did help with the basic stuff,thanks,but I still can`t steer to left or right,how can I do that?

rcooke1 (author)Aralooloo2015-05-19

loosen the trucks a little - may be a little too stiff for your weight

joaquinakiwi (author)Aralooloo2014-06-02

lean forward putting your wieght onto the balls of your feet to turn one way, move the wight onto your heels to turn the other way (left and right are swiched depending on if you ride regular or goofy)

skater_helper (author)Aralooloo2012-10-02

heres what you do dude first
step 1) turn a little to the way you want
step 2) not alot or u will fall and crash
step 3!) Make sure your back weels are helping you to steer

skatergrl (author)2010-03-27

what are good shoes to wear whell skating?

cephalopoid (author)skatergrl2010-06-16

Any pair from the skateshop will do.

rcooke1 (author)cephalopoid2015-05-19

flat shoes with grippy rubber and stitching connecting the rubber sole to the fabric on the shoes so hey wont seperate

joaquinakiwi (author)skatergrl2014-06-02

any tennis shoes (vans, keds, converse, etc)

rcooke1 (author)2015-05-19

ive been skating for 3 years still cant do any tricks but i can floor it going downhill easily. i skate mongo regular but if i try and skate goofy i have 0 balance but i can pop and ollie standing that way. riding mongo i can pop waist hight nollies with ease but cant do ollies in the mongod reg. any suggestions. i tried normal regular and i cant do it also tried normal goofy and that didnt feel right either so wtf?.

also im looking at long board at the moment when i travel 12.5 km to my nearest beach by skateboard . i hate the wide turn feel of a long boad tried a double drop down longboard and it felt similar to a standard 7.5" short board for tricks in terms on how it felt to ride

Mr. tony stark (author)2013-05-10

Question: when I push off I have too push a ton just too get a little movement. Am i doing something wrong? this happens even on a slight down hill, and on a uphill it's pretty much just pushing.

Same thing happens to me every single time...

Bandgirl4life (author)2015-03-20

Could I wear my high tops (Osiris) for skating? I need to know if they're safe to ride with because I'm not going to the hospital again.

blink_182 (author)2011-09-24

im a noob an i wanna get help frm other sk8s but i dont wnt thm 2 think im a poser so what do i do?!! crap now i sound like im desperate!

Jesus Christ (author)2009-06-09

but good instuctable if youve like never picked up a skateboard

mowie (author)Jesus Christ2009-09-22

WOW! is that really you jesus...?

agate123 (author)mowie2011-05-18

i wanna know too and can jesus skate

quesoman (author)2009-06-21

i ride goofy mongo. my friends got me hooked on sk8ing a few days ago. the only skate board tipe thing i have is a wave. but wat is awesome is that my dad has a board from the 80's so i can ride that. it looks like a miniature longboard.

kibbler (author)quesoman2011-01-01

trust me buddy

quesoman (author)kibbler2011-05-10

I stil ride mongo but can push switch. i dont hit my foot on my back wheel if thats your reasoning for not riding mongo

sharlston (author)2011-01-03

Skateboardigs awesome,nice ible,have you seen element search and win? sign up now and ya can get decks clothing and bearings sign up now

sam1997 (author)2010-11-27

you might wanna get some better berrings-good vid though

sam1997 (author)sam19972010-11-27

my bad, i mean "bearings"

WillTheRescue (author)2009-07-06

Step 2: pic 2. I ride like that all the time. It's fun. I stand with both feet centered on the board and facing straight ahead, then put my arms out and "pretend I'm flying". That's how I got my band name: "Be The Aeroplane" (I'm not responsible for anybody getting hurt doing this!) Okay, now here's something. I must be very weird. I'm goofy. At least I thought I was. When I start out, I put my right foot on the back of the board, about centered, maybe slightly turned. Then I push off with me left foot. If I need to turn just a little (Mostly to avoid a crack in the street) All I do is put my left foot on the front of the board, facing forward(I have to shift my weight a little so I don't fall) and turn that way. When I want to ride-ride. I slide my right foot sideways, and put my left foot at the front of the board, in the normal goofy stance. I don't know what it is, but I just feel comfortable that way. I can't ride any other way. Am I the only one who does this?

al9595 (author)WillTheRescue2010-05-26

with your right foot forward it is goofy with your left foot forward it is just normal

yerfdog123 (author)WillTheRescue2009-08-17

i do it too.

AlinaZ (author)2010-05-01

I really liked your video :)
my goal is to learn how to skateboard
so when I go to college next year that will help me get around lol

millatfarhan (author)2009-12-07

yo, is it possible to do tricks with old school boards?

foxtrot4697 (author)millatfarhan2010-01-11

old school boards?

Monkeyboy13 (author)foxtrot46972010-03-14

 the really old ones that only have a back kick tail. and yes, you can do tricks like manuals and if your good, kick flips.

SK8RGUY (author)2009-03-30


TeacherOfTheWays (author)SK8RGUY2009-03-30

becasue i don't like skateboarding anymore, longboarding is way more fun.

SK8RGUY (author)TeacherOfTheWays2009-04-21

can you put a video out on how to kickflip nobody else does it right on instructables

kenyley (author)SK8RGUY2009-06-17


SK8RGUY (author)kenyley2010-02-04

yeah ive been on that its really good...and caspers are good too

what is the dif between skateboarding and longboarding?????

TeacherOFTheways can you post a youtube video on how to pop shove it? P.S(Your a legend in my book!)

kenyley (author)Trogdoor1392009-06-17


here ya go:
Its about halfway through.

Thank you

babygurl (author)2009-12-04

ok so i really wan to get into skateboarding but im sooo not good i hope this will help

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