How to Sleep With a Friend





Introduction: How to Sleep With a Friend

This is a simple/picture guide to the general DO's and DONT's of sleeping with your friends!...Whether they be Male or Female!...Same or Opposite Sex!...again these are the general basics...BFF's (Best Friends Forever) might not agree!

Step 1: Basics

These are some all-around basics I have come across!

Step 2: Opposite Sexed Friends

The following few images are for people with opposite sexed friends!

Step 3: Guy Friends

The following few images are for guys with guy friend sleepovers!

Step 4: Girl Friends

Women/Girls tend to not follow a structured pattern as far as Do's and Dont's when sleeping with other girl friends...



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    I have shared my bed with many people and the best rule I have found is to have a separate set of blankets. That way neither can accuse the other of stealing the bed clothes.

    Head-to-toe: forget it. Halitosis is better than foot odor.

    For a period of time, workshifts required that I sleep a day at a friends' house once a week. If you really are friends, you can trust each other and, further, you don't care what other people may think.

    Step 4: Girls dont really have rules means:

    1) They dont wear pyjamas
    2) They spoon
    3) They cuddle
    4) They caress
    5) They experiment :)

    i.e. girls have more fun than guys. (knew that already)
    i.e. my wife can have a sleepover if she wants. (and I'm invited)
    i.e. my daughter is not having any sleep overs. ever. (until her friends are 18)

    you dont let ur daughter have sleepovers?

    In fact I wish she had more. It's really fun for our son, now that he decided girls aren't icky. I know for a fact he devises plans on how to infiltrate the girl's room all night :) Mom thinks it's hilarious too.

    Im going to model my parenting upon yours. Respek sir Respek.

    Best... parents... EVER.

    It would be pretty weird if your friend woke up and your spooning him

    Especially if you started out sleeping in different rooms. lol