Picture of How To Sleep With A Friend
This is a simple/picture guide to the general DO's and DONT's of sleeping with your friends!...Whether they be Male or Female!...Same or Opposite Sex!...again these are the general basics...BFF's (Best Friends Forever) might not agree!
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Step 1: Basics

Picture of Basics
These are some all-around basics I have come across!

Step 2: Opposite Sexed Friends

Picture of Opposite Sexed Friends
The following few images are for people with opposite sexed friends!

Step 3: Guy Friends

Picture of Guy Friends
The following few images are for guys with guy friend sleepovers!

Step 4: Girl Friends

Picture of Girl Friends
Women/Girls tend to not follow a structured pattern as far as Do's and Dont's when sleeping with other girl friends...
lucky785 years ago
LOL butt sex!
you are too funny!
I guess that counts out suprise butt sex.... hehehe Nice Post
surprise butt sex can go under a prank, and they deserved it for farting to much
Most ppl frown upon suprise butt sex anyway.
cd41 Webbleking6 years ago
well if they are a heavy sleeper they might sleep through any sex you have with them
Dandotch7 years ago
Yeah I think these are pretty good hints well done! :)