Introduction: How to Slice a Mango

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The mango is a delicious fruit, if you can get to it with a knife. This instructable will show how to cut a mango for handheld consumption, or how to prep it for eating with a fork, or for fruit salads.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

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For this, you will need a mango, a cutting board and a knife.

Step 2: Split the Mango

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Find the stem point of the fruit, and stand it up on it's end. Drive the knife into the mango, and round the knife around the pit. Do this on both sides.

Step 3: Score the Mango

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Make crosshatch marks in the mango then flip it inside out. Your mango is now ready to be consumed from your hands!

Step 4: Flat Cut

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When the mango is flipped inside out, with space between the squares, the skin is flat. Flatten the skin along the cutting board and fillet the skin from the fruit. Put fruit in a bowl and enjoy!


yoyo123hk (author)2013-01-09

Good, now i know how to slice a mango :)

The Rambler (author)2012-12-19

Finally! I've been wondering what was the best way to cut these things up.

bulsatar (author)2012-12-11

I prefer going face first when eating a mango :D

matt392 (author)2012-12-11

Excellent Instructable!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-12-10

Mmm mango!

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