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Step 1: You Will Need

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A small rounded piece with a a hole in the middle the same size as the motor drive(like the one shown in the picture) a pair of scissors, a glue gun, a motor, battery pack, some wire, a stand for the glass and motor, a container for the battery, two metal meccano piece with eleven holes(you don't have to use meccano you can cut some wood or metal I just had it lying around), a meccano three by for piece, a piece to connect the motor to the meccano (it's the orange piece) two L shaped meccano pieces that have a total of three holes, two L shaped pieces with a total of two holes, eleven nuts and bolts, a one kilogram weight, a drill a spanner and allen key/ screw driver (for the nuts and bolts), some spray paint (optional but it improves the finished look), a piece of meccano with seven holes in total two of which should be folded over the edge and some small heat proof packets

Step 2: Making the Stand

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First you need to get the stand and drill two holes in its sides about fifteen centimetres apart (your stand should be around thirty centimetres around)

Step 3: Adding the Motor Brakcets

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Get both of your eleven hole meccano pieces and bolt them to the stand straight with two of your nuts and bolts and your spanner and Allen key/screw driver

Step 4: Sticking in the Weight

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Plug in you glue gun until its warm then get you kilogram weight and stick it onto the bottom of the stand (it will help later to stop it moving about

Step 5: The Motor Brackets Part Two

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Get your two L shaped pieces with three holes and bolt them to your motor bracket

Step 6: Adding the Motor

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Get your motor and connect it to you wires switch and batteries to make a circuit then bolt it to the motor brackets

Step 7: The Battery Holder

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Get your battery holder and your scissors and cut a small slit for the wire

Step 8: Spray Painting the Battery Holder

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Find a spot to spray paint then lay down some paper and spray it all over making sure it is now the colour you want it to be

Step 9:

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A few coats later

Step 10: Adding the Stirrer

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Get the piece that has seven holes two of which are folded and bolt it to the motor using you nuts and bolts

Step 11: Stirrer Step Two

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Bold both of your two holed L shape pieces any where on the piece you added in the previous step making sure that they face the Same way

Step 12: Stirrer Step Three

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Get your three by four piece and bolt it to the two L shaped pieces you just added

Step 13: Finishing Up

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You have almost finished now all you need to do is put the heat proof bag and battery pack in the battery container

Step 14: How to Use

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To use it its simple, you put a glass of your desired drink in a glass then put that on the platform so the stirrer is inside it then fill the bag with got water (so the batteries don't get cold when they do they run out quickly) and flick the switch to turn it on then put it in your freezer wait forty-five minutes to an hour and take it out, you will see it has turned to a slushy mixture

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