Step 1: You Will Need

A small rounded piece with a a hole in the middle the same size as the motor drive(like the one shown in the picture) a pair of scissors, a glue gun, a motor, battery pack, some wire, a stand for the glass and motor, a container for the battery, two metal meccano piece with eleven holes(you don't have to use meccano you can cut some wood or metal I just had it lying around), a meccano three by for piece, a piece to connect the motor to the meccano (it's the orange piece) two L shaped meccano pieces that have a total of three holes, two L shaped pieces with a total of two holes, eleven nuts and bolts, a one kilogram weight, a drill a spanner and allen key/ screw driver (for the nuts and bolts), some spray paint (optional but it improves the finished look), a piece of meccano with seven holes in total two of which should be folded over the edge and some small heat proof packets
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