Step 1: Opening Mouth

First open your mouth like the pic( I was really board is its stupid)

Step 2: Bending

Bend your mouth up a little bit

Step 3: Done.

Then bend it more...
Greetings from the other side of the rainbow!!! :)
<p>Agghh my face got stuck. What do I do now. On the bright side I am happier now.</p>
This brightened my day! Thanks.
It real works! Thanks a lot. <br><br>Greeds from Germany
<p>I think I might be doing it incorrectly still, but I'm learning. Thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>It workedddddddd!! I think I might need a little more work when it comes to smiling with my eyes, or smizing</p>
why not I think it's pretty funny the amount of people I know that don't smile this will be funny for them and they will smile

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