Introduction: How to Snipe

Step 1: You Want to Blend In

Step 2: If You Don't Blend in Your Just a Sitting Duck

Step 3: Work With Partners

I usually work with my friend when ever I go to play airsoft. I do because if a guy sneaks behind me and I have a bolt action sniper rifle I'm most certainly shot. So work with a partner if you can.

Step 4: Make Sure That Your Gun Is Covered

If not you are now more noticeable.


Ranie-K (author)2013-06-08

I believe these are not your own pictures. You need to use your own pictures.

Dawizardozz (author)Ranie-K2015-10-30

yes mommy

Dawizardozz (author)Dawizardozz2015-10-30

im sorry mommy

i'll do better mommy

Jackoffmanytrades (author)2013-06-08

If your getting busted its because your gun sticks out of your cover. Try sitting behind the cover and keeping your gun inside the cover.

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